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We are in an Inter Dimensional Light Ship ~ Receive the Higher Frequencies

Powerfully the Higher Dimensions of consciousness are merging within your DNA.

The Frequency surge appears as a dismantling of the process to which you assembled your thoughts.

The thoughts now occur throughout many dimensions at once as waves of Light, translated into a meaning through which you alone decipher, throughout the different dimensions.

These energy shifts and jolts are electrical in nature. This charges powerfully your DNA. That you function through as your Blueprint.

The streaming of the dimensions has always occurred. You are now being hooked up and notice shifts here, within your every day reality.

This merging and streaming is allowing the dimensions to merge, or parallel worlds, which word you use that translates this meaning to you.

We are in an Inter Dimensional Light Ship to which some of you have met. WE have a deep connection with this Earth, we are the Overseers. We are part of the conglomerate of Beings which include the Blue Avians.

We ask you now to step aside as the Being of Light that you are and intend full allowing, of all that is to unfold.

Many treasures lay within you, to soon be revealed ~ as the vastness to which you have waited to experience.

You counterpart is too experiencing the preparedness of the Grand Union.

For all longs for its wholeness, within.

You each hold a part of each other, within you. Like magnets the union cannot be missed.

Let go of the struggle to surrender and lead with your Full Heart. Your Full Heart does not depend on the old thought forms as a way to decipher meaning for you.

As Perfect Harmony leads the within to the Divine Being that you are at ALL levels and Dimensions.

Receive this Light Transmission for you now.

You are ready to receive.

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Take the New Highway ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You can continue on the OLD road, the road that needs repair. That is 3D consciousness. The work of repairing leads to the realization (eventually) that nothing needs repairing.

3D was simply a learning experience leading to the AWAKENING of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

That realization is YOU can simply go on the NEW Road. The New Path. You do not need to fix the old one. That AHA moment, is profound. As truly there is ONLY consciousness.

Endless 3D repairing of a Highway a Path that leads only to more 3D and the internal CONFLICT that EGO constantly provides as its teacher.

Ego thrives in CONFLICT. The great news is there is NO need to repair the OLD structure of CONSCIOUSNESS you call 3D.

5th Dimensional Consciousness exists in Unconditional Love. The state of expanded consciousness that IS Unconditional LOVE.

This unconditional LOVE is the state of consciousness that is your DIVINE SELF.

You may simply step onto the new Highway of Love, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Through your intention and your opening to receive. That which is ALREADY existing in the expanded consciousness state of YOU. As your Divine Higher Self. Angelic Self. Whatever you want to call this Higher Aspect of you that is the Divine You.

Your Divine Self lives in Perfect Awareness that all is PERFECT Now.

OR you may consciously choose to SIMPLY enter the New Road, the New Highway, the NEW PATH. 5th Dimensional Consciousness, WHERE there is nothing to FIX.

It is perfect. It is the embracing of WHAT IS NOW.

In this every MOMENT here and NOW awareness of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, YOU ACCESS ~ WHAT IS! Already! Now!

You Access that expanded CONSCIOUS you State of Being that is the PERFECT image and reflection of the DIVINE.

The Divine Self ~ where there exists no right or wrong.

NO reactive states of consciousness held as YOUR MEMORY in your Blueprint.

Here you have cleared those memories of reactive painful states of 3D consciousness and you have entered the MAGICAL REALM of God.

Of Being your Higher Self.

It is simply, all will come to this, eventually.

It is available NOW it is a state of consciousness NOW.

It exists NOW.

Expand and Receive NOW. 

Breathe, relax and feel. SLOW down. Now. 

I have nothing to repair as I can now enter the path, the Highway of inner experience of the 5th Dimension. 

I leave that old relentless repairing stage of consciousness, I embrace what is new to my consciousness. I EMBRACE and Live in 5th Dimensional Consciousness where NOTHING needs repairing. 

I Live as this DIVINE Expanded State of Consciousness now.

I am Activated fully in this new PATH this new WAY, that I MAY simply ENTER, now. 

On this new Path, I live as my Divine Higher Self. All NOW. 

And so it is! Eternal Angels of the Light! I Am with YOU! The New Path, where nothing in the so-called past, needs fixing! It was simply a consciousness learning experience. I love you!


Eternal Love and  Bliss!

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