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Continued Dismantling ~ Your Frequency Device

As everything continues to be dismantled, stay focused on your spiritual center, your golden light heart, your spiritual Sun.

The increased magnetic frequencies continue to shift consciousness and matter, resulting in an evolutionary leap in parallel world, shifts.

The electronic feedback loop of Earth that holds things in place, has shifted into the higher frequencies, penetrating, all things magnetic, including your heart.

The Sun and spiritual Sun, are vibrating this new evolutionary, higher world frequencies, specifically through your transmitting device, your heart.

The unveiling of the new, is the mirror of consciousness, through your heart, the stepping into a higher parallel world.

We are with you, in love and in the eternal grace, that only knows itself as that.

In the Golden Light ~ Love frequencies of the Sun, the Central Sun and all spiritual Suns, through love, we transmit to you now. Surrounding you and holding you in the love and light, that heals all, shifts all, transforms all. 




Ascension, Consciousness and Form


How do you Realize what state of Consciousness you are existing in now?

I have visited with many that have crossed over, so to speak, and many exist in a world, VERY similar to this one, where they may have a home and garden, YET to THEM there FORM  is VERY Real. This Realness of Form exists whether they realize they have Left the so-called Earth Form (crossed over) or Not.

What is the difference then, from ONE state of Consciousness Form to another? Is the difference ONLY experienced as different, when viewed from a Frequency Form existing in Separation Consciousness?

And if it is possible to NOT be Aware if One is in the so-called Form that is the appearance and feel of the Dense body on Planet Earth, How do you know the form you are in right NOW, is in the Same world, that you originally incarnated into to?

And does this Denseness ONLY appear Dense to those experiencing it on Earth, and viewed from other Frequency Dimensions, APPEAR as the LIGHT frequency that it is in the STATE of UNION Consciousness.

The States of Consciousness from One world to the Next, the here and Now and the Hereafter, ALL are in a sense of Form, even if that Form is composed consciously as LIGHT.

At the Pure Frequency Level, ALL is Light.

So what are the differences in Form, and how are these differences experienced even though all is LIGHT?

Do you know if You Are Awake and Consciously existing in the Form you incarnated into? How would you know, if all is consciousness?

Or have you actually crossed over after incarnating, and this existence you Believe you Are in, when viewed by  OTHERS, appears to be NON EXISTENT, in the World of Earth they live in.

There are Many Parallel Worlds and Many Realities Co-Existing, right NOW.

To others are YOU may appear gone, and NOT Real, if you are existing in the Frequency Realm of Haven Crossed over so to speak, in a world of Form so different from what appears as the norm on Planet Earth. Yet you Exist! You Are Real! Either way you Are Real. You live, you exist, you Are. The FORM and type of Form does not Matter.

Consciousness is Eternal.

Who then decides what is Real and What form is more Valid and Real?

When I walked into the Body, I went from one Consciousness Form to another. Is one more Valid than the other? The Forms and Bodies you call Forms and Bodies on Planet Earth, have the APPEARANCE when viewed ONLY from this Frequency Dimension, to Be the Only Valid and Real Form.

Yet Consciousness is Everywhere, and there is No separation that you Call Time, that Separates YOU from where you exist NOW simultaneously in this NOW.

Consciousness does Not need Human Blood in Veins to Know it is Real.

During Your Sleep State on Planet Earth, You Enter a Different Frequency and FORM of consciousness while you are Sleeping.  You have emotions, you have memories, the situations in Dreams feel Real, even though, the form you inhabit in your Sleep State is not the form consisting of Blood and Bones, that your daytime Consciousness inhabits as Real.

Consciousness Never Sleeps.

Same with the Consciousness Shift on Planet Earth that you Call Ascension. You Enter a New Frequency Consciousness, that Exists Already, BECAUSE all Forms exists, ALL NOW.

When you Enter a Crystalline Template of Being and The Density vanishes, WHAT HAS HAPPENED?  What has Shifted?  The AWARENESS of YOUR Consciousness Has SHIFTED to a Different Form of Being. Similar to Entering the Dream State.

While you Dream does it Feel Real? Does it feel like you have a Form?

You simply went from One state of Consciousness Form To ANOTHER.

When you Sleep, when you Wake, when you Cross over, or are born, or exist on A Different Planet, or Ascend.  These are All The same Consciousness EXPERIENCING ITSELF  in Different Frequency Forms of Consciousness.

What is REAL then, when viewed through the eyes of Consciousness that has Awakened to ALL LEVELS of the Dream State Being.  All is Real, All is the Experience of Consciousness, experiencing itself.

THESE various Frequency Forms are JUST AS REAL when you are in THEM.

Yet to OTHERS in Different Frequency Dimensions (not aware of Consciousness as ALL Forms of Being) when VIEWING YOU, Your form, on Earth now or Ascended, may appear not real to them. This Belief of Form being only One way and that way is the Only Real way, is doubly the case for those Here on Earth living in a state of Partial Separation Awareness of Consciousness.

See YOUR world Differently NOW, Expand your Consciousness to INCLUDE ALL forms of existences as ALL valid Forms of Consciousness.

When you Wake from sleeping, ASK YOURSELF is in fact what you call your waking state, MORE of your Dream State, and is your Dream State more of when YOU Are awake.

Who is to say, which ONE state is more real? All Are Real as all are Consciousness.

Being CONSCIOUS all are Real, allows to you Awaken to All States of Being, as the Awakened Observer of your Consciousness.

ALL FORM States are Consciousness ~ BEING.

Forms of Varying levels of Conscious solidity and Light, appear ONLY Different to those observing the forms in a Consciousness that is Separated and Believes it is Limited.

Merging All Forms of your Consciousness in All The Frequency Realms of Being, all 144 and Beyond this Universe, is simply the PLAYING ground of Consciousness, Experiencing the Awareness of Being, that Knows NO Boundaries.

This is Ascension.

This Uniting of your Consciousness is ASCENSION.

Ascension SHIFTS  your Consciousness from a Frequency that knew itself as once limited, and UNITES it with ALL that you exist as NOW and Always Will and Are, and SHOWS you in the MIRROR of YOU, What Consciousness REALLY IS, and What FORM really is. And What you Consciously Already and have always Exist and Existed AS.

It is Consciousness Aware of Itself. And in Harmony, Union and Mastery in form on Planet Earth, we Have Awakened to the Soul of Consciousness, that Says, I Am All That I Am, and Forever Will Always Be. I am More than the Form on Planet Earth, I Am Consciousness Experiencing Many Forms and Worlds and Universes Simultaneously. And THAT Every Form, I am In, is All LIGHT, and in This the Union of the Soul Rejoices, it KNOWS HOME, it KNOWS the Embodiment of TRUTH. It has Mastered Death and Life and Birth, and IT KNOWS Everywhere in All those Births and Deaths, it is still ALWAYS THE SAME CONSCIOUSNESS. And in This Eternal Truth I HOLD YOU ~ Now, Always and Forevermore!

IN The Sacredness of Eternal LIGHT I AM, The Light That Holds you IN ALL THAT IS~ Forever MORE, no Beginning and NO End, ALWAYS Light and CONSCIOUSNESS NOW.

In the LOVE that is the Glue that holds ALL Consciousness together, as ONE, I Am with YOU.

I am Love, I Am Consciousness, I Am the Light that Holds you in All Births, Deaths and Forms, with no Beginning and No End.

I HOLD you in your Ascension Consciousness, that you ARE Being Birthed CONSCIOUSLY INTO, even Now as you Read these Words of Light.

I Am The Eternal Love of All That is! I Am With You, I Am The Illuminated Consciousness of Light, Of All Awakened Form.  I AM, Forever Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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