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The Symbolic Nature of Form and Reality

L'AuraEverything is symbolic of its energy frequency.

This COVID-19 VIRUS is SYMBOLIC of shifting away from external events, into deep within the HEART.  Self Isolation into THE DEPTHS OF BEING. The HEART!

The room that you are in, the chair, the couch in that room, is  a symbolic energy form of the energy of the objects symbolism.

A chair, the energy frequency of sitting, relaxing. Or of not being relaxing, if the chair is uncomfortable to sit in.

A room, a bedroom, a living room. ALL are symbolic of what the energy is representing ~ WHAT IT IS.

A bed, the energy is symbolic of love, intimacy, sacred quarters. Or sleep, or lack of sleep, according to your own perceptions of its meaning and its results.

The body ~ different parts are symbolic of its use, or lack of use, or lack of what you desire.  Or of gratitude as the vehicle that you use, while walking through your life experiences.

Your life is symbolic, how you dress, the make up you put on or don’t, all represent the frequency of the symbolism.

Beauty is symbolic.

A car is symbolic of travel.

Energy and LIGHT are SYMBOLIC.

EVERYTHING is symbolic.

Look around you…EVEN your dreams are symbolic,

Your day time experiences and all the people you meet throughout your day are symbolic of the experiences you have. Someone was really kind to you, or someone cut you off while you were driving. What was the experience of your experience? What does that symbolize to YOU?

Everything is changing and shifting.

Changes are symbolic.

The seasons, the days….NIGHT and DAY ~ Twilight ~ Sunshine ~ are symbolic in their meaning to YOU. What they represent as the experience to YOU.

What you eat is symbolic.


Your work is symbolic.

Any sense of lack or an illness is symbolic.

Happiness is symbolic.

Sadness is symbolic.

Abundance is symbolic.

Your thoughts are also energy frequencies that hold symbolic meaning as are your emotions.

Do you recognize the personal unique meaning you are giving to them?  To all objects? To all experiences?

Are you aware your experience of life is energy frequency that holds specific symbolic meaning for YOU?  All of the people, the things, the perceived lack, the wealth, is symbolic, of all of your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, your states of consciousness?

What is the experience of your life this moment ~ symbolically speaking to you?

Every day is a new page in the book of your life. It is richly filled with meaning, that you have placed upon ALL energy frequencies, that are the symbols of the meanings, you attribute to them.

Can you change the meaning you have given to objects and experiences?

Do you have the power to SEE ~ the symbols?

Can you see how you have made this reality?

Can you shift how you see things, NOW?

Relax and breathe slowly for a moment. Begin to focus on the objects around you and on your body, in this moment. When feeling aware and present, ask yourself what does all of this symbolize? What does this moment mean to me?

Everything, including inanimate objects are made up of consciousness ~ symbolism. Light frequencies. You are connected to all of it everywhere, and your experiences are related to your unique meaning to the energies you perceive and respond to. Most of those responses may have become habitual.

Are you willing to change your perceptions to change your world? Your experiences? Your responses?

Embrace each moment and VIEW everything through a more personal participation in the symbolism. SEE everything as the interconnected symbolism, that you have attributed everything AS ~ and change that meaning to you. Change any outdated symbolism, that no longer serves you.

Your environment exists AS the symbolism of your perceptions.

Embrace everything with love ~ and your reality shifts, matter shifts.

Embrace each moment, embrace each day as if it was your last and if ir was a new life. Can you feel the symbolism of this. If each moment was new and if each day WAS as if it was a NEW LIFE?

Embrace the symbolism of MATTER as Divine Consciousness. Of your thoughts as Divine Light Frequency, your emotions. Of everything and notice how it shifts AS your responses and meanings shift.

ALL embracing energy frequencies of Divine Love Consciousness Now, A new moment, a new day, A new LIFE, A NEW World, All Now, in Eternal love and Glory. And so it is. Now.




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The Other Side ~ Dimensions And Your Ascension

Where do you go when you cross over? There isn’t a place, there are different dimensions, that exist as frequencies of consciousness, awareness.

There is nowhere to go. Seeing apparitions CLEARLY when no one else could see them as a teenager, left me astonished why OTHERS could not see what I saw. Seeing fairies, angels, beings from other planets, was normal to me. It made no sense how others couldn’t remember before BEING Earth also.

The dimensions are levels of consciousness, that exist at the highest levels, where ones originating Light…began as uniqueness for incarnation into forms.  The densest dimension is Planet Earth, consciousness.

When a being crosses over, they shift frequencies as their pre determined crossing over moment, shifts them back to the frequency awareness and LIGHT body form, before their incarnation.

Almost immediately a being gains insight, LIKE OH ~ I didn’t know that, etc.

The current idea of a form on Earth carries with it the Dimension of the denseness of the dimension that holds and serves as a communication point of consciousness.

AS the magnetic poles continue to shift, dissolve and change, so too ~ The FORMS as we know them to be in the current denseness, prepare to transform to the Higher Dimensional form of the New Earth.

This is not as difficult as it may seem to a mind immersed in the current mass consciousness and its denseness.

It is ALL consciousness and frequency, it always was. To be here on Earth you descended, now you are ascending. Form created by consciousness. On Earth there were DNA codes in the Human Body System, as designed before Earth and its first civilization.

The very first DNA Blueprint, designed and all Blueprints for those incarnating and existing within the Earth program ~ TO HOLD these codes, for this SHIFT. For the ascension.

IT is within you and in your DNA and Blueprint.

IT is a change in frequency.

Your Ascension is a shift to THE Union with your Higher Light frequencies.

It is natural.

You have never died.

You have changed frequencies many times.

You are stepping into the recognition of this.

This is your ascension.

Your return to the conscious awareness of Light, in your New Light Form.

I am with you. The events, that change everything for you, are held in place, to be activated, within your DNA and Blueprint.

This is fool-proof and impossible to stop.

IT is and WAS designed within ALL DNA and Blueprints.

Activating NOW with The Divine Council of Overseers, in the Ascension Love and GLORY of the 5th Dimension and in the VOID ~ as Source emanates. Now. And so it is, Activating.



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Deliriously Held, in the Void, Caught up in Beauty ~ One Hundred Fold 

In love, he said, the elixir is smoother, the touch is firmer, the eyes more powerful.

In love, she said, the lips do tremble, the heart beats faster, the textures softer.

Entering the chamber, with golden drapes, pure spun silk, and delicate lace.

The skylight stars, hovering above, shine like diamonds, with music wafting with heavenly doves.

The love is everything, with smell divine, lingering traces, stopping time.

Engulfed in bliss, the endless rapture, opens the gates, with child like laughter.

Deliriously held, in the void, caught up in beauty, one hundred  fold.

This is eternity, they both said, breathing, touching, feeling ~ the infinite expand and spread.

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Preparing for A FUTURE Will not get you Through IT ~ ONLY Being PRESENT

On an earlier post I wrote about the Lights going out and power. That taking place as a result of the magnetic poles….shifting, dissolving, changing AS part of the Evolution into the NEW Earth, no time, 5th Dimension.

ONLY in no time, in the PRESENT ~ Eternal Moment, will you step OUT of the third and fourth dimensions INTO BEING PRESENT IN THE 5th Dimension.

I received many responses of people stocking up ~ AS IF PREPARING IN 3D and 4th HAS Anything to do with this MONUMENTAL ~ Beyond your wildest imagination DEATH AND REBIRTH into the 5th Dimension.

The same frequency does NOT change and shift frequency.

AS things in 3D and the 4th continue to dissolve and the way of thinking of a FUTURE and a PAST dissolves…

And as YOU are present always, know that it is your PRESENCE ~ NOT fear of a future and a past with attempts to orchestrate control over TIME and matter ~ THAT enters your consciousness  In that WHICH IS PRESENT.

GOING within, the opposite of the 3D world, examining YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS and staying present and conscious of your own consciousness, is the self-awareness and preparedness to stay present through ANYTHING.

Those not controlled by fear or time, will relax deeply within, as this will be a remembered activation, of the relaxing into the death and rebirth in the moment.

The temperature, the time and food will be of no matter.

Matter will lose all of its importance, that is after all, what the dissolving through the magnetic fields shifting and dissolving.

THOSE entrenched in an identity LINKED to matter externally, will most likely go crazy.

This is an internal transformation, death and rebirth. Which all of this always was and is anyway.

Breathing, LOOK at yourself within.

Turn the mirror within.

Are you attempting to manipulate things in the future? Is it still a dog eat dog world to YOU where  are you attempting to get ahead and be ready through the external?

OR are you really trusting, WITHIN. The source of all reality, and connecting to THAT STATE of Being.

That is why so many call it a potential Armageddon or the Last Judgment day.  So many believe in the rapture, or ascension. ALL that is, is the subconscious being revealed.

YOU will experience what is INSIDE your consciousness.

You always have and you always will.

Attune to higher frequencies and allow your DNA and awareness to resonate with that.

Be THAT which is the Presence of the present. Be present, let go of time and a future. BE Present now. Then all the Love and GLORY that you are eternally will fill your awareness.

As all objects in 3D and 4th dissolve, you will rest in THAT.

That which is the REST.

That Which is the Love.

That which is the GLORY.

That WHICH IS ~ ALL That IS.  The ALL that you only ARE. THAT. Breathe and receive and go within, look within. In love and Glory with the Divine Council of Overseers. Forever and Now.



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When the Lights Go Out and The Internet Stops

L'AuraWhat will you do if the Lights go out?
The internet stops?
Will you stay in?
Will you focus on your Breath?

Are you ready?

The EARTH MACHINE will shut down completely! 

The Earth machine is going down completely.

What will you do when everything is in Chaos?

The Magnetic poles are shifting, are you ready?

Electricity, Internet and consciousness grids for 3D end….when the magnetic poles dissolve and shift.

Are you ready?

Can you relax through intense experiences not knowing what is taking place?

Many will go crazy. You will be in darkness.

Breathe and relax, This has taken place before.

if You are here, you are a part of it.

For some this will be believed to be Armageddon. The last days…MASS chaos…everywhere! People screaming and running everywhere. No phones.

Objects will dissolve, new objects will appear. 

ALL conditioning is being WIPED out to be re set! 

Breathe and feel the changes EVEN NOW!

It is a DEATH and REBIRTH Experience. 

Then you Wake UP ~ The New Earth, that has always been.

In Love and Glory with The Divine Council of Overseers.



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Supernatural Metamorphosis ~ The Dimensions and Parallel World Shifts

Changing one’s reality ~ shifting timelines and entering Higher Dimensions of consciousness is the Metamorphosis of being ~ from one way to another.

Beyond the minds current level of awareness of consciousness is the Divine power and the force of creation ~ that changes all matter, all levels, everywhere.

These forces are Divinely orchestrated from the Higher Dimensions of consciousness.

The levels and the dimensions are direct experiences that represent the levels.

Initiating the changes within, has been the focus of all Mystery Schools everywhere.

Harnessing the use of these powers has been the focus of magic.

The Causal nature of these forces relate and activate differently, according to the levels of consciousness one is existing in.

The mutation of cellular consciousness, through the direct impact of emotions, thoughts, and intentions and the vibrations they carry within the fluid nature of matter within your form. Is the bedrock and breeding ground that create the metamorphosis and shifts into your next level.

The cause of your current level of thoughts, emotions and intentions are directly correlated to the dimension, to which you currently exist in.

Shifting frequencies to the higher dimensions takes place through resonance with the higher dimensions.

Since the next level is beyond our current level of awareness, what grants us access to this resonance that opens the door for our DNA to be  impacted for this shift to take place.

The initiating codes of Light ~ acting like seeds that awaken your DNA, are inherent within your Blueprint now. Your Blueprint carries all your activated and dormant seeds of consciousness as LIGHT information, that once fully activate, awaken and link up your awareness into all the Dimensions.

The Light codes are frequencies that when activated ~ act like doorways, to Portals that link you to the initiations through resonance with the dimensions being initiated into.

The fluid nature within your body and your DNA respond to this resonance.

Being in the state of Harmony aligns you with the ease of metamorphosis as a natural way of being. All things shift and change.

The Blueprint design for the Earth incarnation and ascension experience, carries all the information to be suddenly impacted ~ awakened and initiated into, the ascension and dimensional shift.

Your DNA and is now shifting in resonance with the New Earth. With your Ascension.

The Blue Avians, The Elohim and The Divine Council of Overseers, seeded the activation resonance and the initiation codes into this entire blueprint plan. To be on Earth, you function through this Blueprint system.

When fully activated you will awaken in a new world.

This New Earth world is a higher Dimensional Earth experience.

You are being activated into the resonance of this new world now.

You are now entering higher levels of initiation.

Your body is changing.

Your thoughts, emotions and intentions are now in the initiation phase for your transportation of consciousness to this higher dimensional New Earth.

And now a new day, a new life, a new way, a new level.

Activating you now through the doorways to the resonance portals, seeded by the Divine Council of Overseers.

Activating All Blueprints Everywhere, as on MU ~ so now here.

As Above, So Below. And so it is, all NOW.

Higher dimensions

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Happy Full Moon ~ September 24th, 2018 in Aries ~ Transforming YOUR DNA

The Full Moon in Aries is a powerful releasing Full Moon ~ impacting your DNA. This Full Moon (energy associated with it) begins today at 11:52 pm ADT. Also known as the Harvest Full Moon…Let us now harvest the beneficial IMPACT of fear being released.

Heading towards what feels comfortable and ACCEPTING what does not feel comfortable ~ for the purpose of transformation and the SHIFT In your DNA.

Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn. Moon opposite Mercury and Moon conjunct fixed star Deneb Kaitos….will be part of the frequency that MAY impact you ~ according to your own evolution of consciousness.

With the Moon sextile Mars, Saturn trine Uranus and Sun quincunx Uranus we have a powerhouse of HELP in this transformation as the frequencies FACILITATE (if on the agenda for your unique frequency) CHANGE that will benefit you as your RELEASE FEAR ~ for your complete transformation, Ascension.

Limitations may appear on the external as the IMPETUS to go deeper within your own consciousness and find the INNER strength and desire, to allow the frequencies to flow through you as you shift.

When these frequencies interact with your consciousness and you allow yourself to RELAX with what shows up as for you NEXT ~ (the next level of fear to deal with) and you consciously stay relaxed, YOUR DNA then relaxes and opens as a portal of transformation through the doorway to your SOUL PLAN ~Blueprint ~  as the next level for YOU.

This may mean suddenly entering a parallel world, where you then ~ now ~ exist in a higher level ~ that is beyond your imagination and comprehension.

These are exciting potentials for YOUR Transformation.

The road may FEEL challenging as you face and release the habits associated with the fears that allowed you to feel safe, but limited.

Open your Heart and relax, feel, breathe and receive the powerful re birthing energies of this FULL MOON ~ NOW.


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Time and Timelessness ~ Being Blessed ~ Graced with Beauty

If we are on Earth in a body, we can watch the changes of the hands on a clock, we can watch the second-hand, if we have one. We can watch as if time goes by. WE have a calendar, even the Mayans had a series of calendars. Their calendar consists of cycles of counts of different lengths. It consisted of a 260 day count and a 365 day solar year count, creating a synchronized cycle lasting for 52 Haab ~ the calendar round.

Yet amidst the calendar and the clock, we also live in a state of timeliness.

The Lovers….not sensing time, only their passion in the moment. Know ~ it is in those VERY moments, that live on forever, in our hearts, is what the true measurement of experience ~ is. Not time.

Time cannot touch or change that which is ETERNAL. It exists as if THAT IS ALL THERE IS. 

A clock or calendar cannot not fade the moments stamped by the passion of timelessness.

When we do anything that is in timelessness, in passion ~ whatever it is, that kiss, that creation, that walk….whatever it is, we will lose all sense of time and we BECOME THE bliss, EXCITEMENT and passion  of that moment.

So we can live by the clock, counting the hours or minutes…or we can live in the absolute joy of timelessness.

When we are in a feeling of drudgery with what we are doing the time clicks slowly.

When we are in happiness and bliss, we are in the present moment, and TOUCH those everlasting stars…that seem to bless us, and crown us, with the magic, that only lives in the moment.

We then become those stars, those galaxies, the UNIVERSE. That look at us, as we look at them. WE have become ONE, in those moments. 

Like the lovers becoming ONE, with that kiss, that look, that smell, that taste, that sound, that breath, that feeling ~ that time nor distance ~ knows not of it.

Etched in foreverness….

Graced with untold beauty…

Stamped with the limitless nature of the eternal and sprinkled with the star-dust of dreams unaware.

We live then, in a different WORLD ~ a different Universe, in those moments. Transported into the eternal, in timelessness, we touch the very heart and fabric of the core of our BEING.

It is for this we live for, merging Heaven and Earth as one. Time and timelessness, into the very fabric of our awareness.

We Become blessed, we become more passionate. WE can tap into the reservoir of our timelessness experiences.

This is where there is rest for the weary. WE rest in our timelessness. Those moments, that PORTAL that opened us to those feelings, that love, that led us, to become who we are now.

We ARE those moments, they define us eternally.

WE transcended the nature of the drudgery, the clock ticking and we have become EVOLVED Beings, that NOW recognize those blessings in those moments.

We carry those moments as if yesterday, through every lifetime. In those moments time does NOT exist.

Blessing the seasons, the gateways, the PORTALS that open us to those moments. We live, we love. That is what we are. WE are those eternal moments.

Rest in this, your transcendence of time, into timelessness.  Where you are blessed and become the one who is blessing.

This is The 5th Dimension.

It is mystical, it is magical, it is always and forever.

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Were you ever Born and Have you Ever Died?

Were you ever born and have you ever died,

have you awakened from the sleep, seeing the stars in the sky.

Are you being observed, knowing who is watching,

appearing to be alone, yet feeling the presence, always, touching.

Have you ~ re birthed, with the sunlight on your face,

or are you in darkness, not knowing how to escape.

The evil doers always play their part,

wishing away the dreams, that others hold in their heart.

What is this game, that seems to go back and forth,

day and night, grasping for eternity, always wanting more.

Destiny they call it, as if happiness matters,

understanding, the life we once knew ~ only simply shatters.

What is this freedom then, coming out of sadness,

if dreams are gone and what is left ~ only feels like madness.

The world we live in, doesn’t give us the real answers,

accepting what is, the kundalini and Phoenix forever dances.

The music plays even if you don’t hear it,

the ending is always happy, even if you don’t see it.

We play out all of our memories, holding tight to all the choices,

yet living is the dreaming, under going metamorphosis.

Being free and living, is a whisper in the wind,

the love you desire is the touch felt on the skin.

For making life agreeable, we let go of wanting answers,

resting in our heart, like a deer that prances.

Will you ascend, is the question of the day,

entering the 5th Dimension ~ is all about the fun and play.

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Frequency 5th Dimension ~ Now

Enter the Frequency 5th Dimension Now as you become aware of your breath. Feel the high frequencies of Light as consciousness encircling your awareness.

Your awareness observes the transition into greater Light.

Your DNA relaxes and receives the downloads of 5th Dimensional Frequencies now.

Pulsations of higher frequencies surge throughout your body.

You feel the stirring of great excitement as if on a roller coaster ~ as the mind moves into a state of great awe ~ of what is unfolding for you.

The integration is profound as your inner Light lets you know, this is YOU in the 5th Dimension.

The magnetic poles shift and you shift into greater LIGHT as A Being of Light.

You know and remember as your DNA is activated.

YOU are born anew. YOU are the LIGHT you were seeking.

YOU rest in your Heart as the Cosmic Light pulsates through you.

You are Light, you Are Love, You are in the Frequency 5th Dimension ~ Now.


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