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Being Divinely in the Moment ~ Being the Observer

Holding all potential in the NOW moment, is a state of non attachment to outcome.

Not pretending to know what will happen, is part and parcel of being in the state of non attachment.

How can we guess at best what will happen, when all is shifting and changing in all moments? And why would we want to?

Every time we focus on a CURRENT desire allowing it to be at the forefront of our thoughts, we have placed a limitation in our consciousness if we hold on to them, as those thoughts immediately become outmoded, at best.

ALL that you hold now as thoughts and as desires, become obsolete in their power, the next moment. Why is that?

Because everything is in a CONSTANT state of evolution and MOTION and is shifting in and out throughout the dimensions, even as I write this. Things have now shifted.

When we have grasped the magnitude of the power of being in the moment, we have become a powerhouse of magnetic FLOW. And without resistance, increases upon itself, with the greatest momentum.

So what does that mean and why is now so important?

We are only in the now moment when the influences of our thoughts and emotions, are witnessed as the flow….flowing through us. We have stepped out of being caught in a process and have entered into being the observer of our life. This observer is not attached to thoughts, or emotions or desires or fears. It simply is the eternal Divine aspect, that has not even any ideas of what is good and bad. Or of  what it wants or not wants. It simply is flowing through its design.

Although this may appear selfless, and for many the feelings of emptiness becomes overwhelming and too fearful to bare, as if in darkness. But it is the opposite from what one may think it to be.

You might wonder why would we want to let go of our attachments if we lose control of trying to control? Hasn’t this even, our anchor for thousands of years and what we have allowed the compass of our lives to be?

For many yes, and the shift from the head to the heart seems like nonsense to those unaware of their own inner awareness.

The soul-searching of how we react, act, think and emote, are the basics in all school of mastery throughout the ages. Know oneself.

Yes this has not been taught in schools. With all the media sensationalism, and commercialism, it is for most a dog eat dog world or who is the strongest, fights the hardest and has the most amount of money.

All of this is changing my friend.

As all things dissolve and shift, the beings that live in their heart already have and will continue to inherit that which is eternal, and that which is eternal is here and present NOW.

Making this shift, again; we examine OURSELVES, our motives, our thoughts, our wishes, our integrity.

Does everything match the flow? As if an innocent child? Or are we still trying to get ahead the old way?

Now being open we hold all possibilities. What does this feel like or look like to the observer?

To the non attached observer, we allow everything to flow through us. To the body, that allows this process to be its mainstay, this feels overwhelmingly blissful, and what the form desires to live through at the highest levels.

To the mind, this acquiescing is heaven, as the stress of trying leaves completely.

It is the freedom of once again, living in that child like state of being, which is the highest FLOW of Divinity in Form.

It OPENS all doors, as the little mind thoughts and patterns of thoughts, GIVE way to all potentials.

The miraculous power of truly living as this, is a miracle to be in.

As it is freedom from suffering, it is Heaven upon Earth. It is fun, it is Glory and it is love in its purest form. Unconditional, with no attachments, ONLY Love.

I will not suggest adopt this way in order to get what you want.

However, living in the moment is a truly auspicious way of being. In that you are free from limitation, pain and suffering. And you have become open to all potential, that like a child, in each moment, becomes the glorious magic and wonder, you once dreamt would be possible for you.

Knowing yourself, step one, how authentic you are. How are you doing monitoring yourself? Can you stay present as this monitor of what flows through you?

It is all pure love, and all will evolve into the playing ground of the Divine, as majestic God Like, child like, Beings.










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Fall Equinox, September 22nd, 2016 ~ Enter the Portal of Stillness Within


The Equinox ~ Equal Day and Night. The Stillness. The magic within the stillness. September 22, 2016, at 11:21 am ADT the Fall Equinox, going deeper within. Deeper into the portal of stillness, your Ascension and Transformation.

For those of you experiencing the Spring Equinox, feel your arising and awakening from your deepness, within.

This is a PORTAL and opening for you and your Heart. To go deeper within. To enter more deeply into the magic of your inner Transformation. Your Union, within.

Going deeper through the Portal of your Original Light, your Soul Star Matrix, receiving and activating all the activated Light Codes held in your Original Blueprint. Your Cosmic computer. Now, through this stillness.

Feel, how time stands still within you.

When you breathe in this stillness, focus your awareness on the STILLNESS between each Breath. After you inhale and before your exhale. After you exhale and before your inhale.Pause, breathe and feel.

Feel how Light Bathes your awareness, your union within. The peace within. The Divine Masculine and Feminine UNITES within. Light and Dark, Above and Below, within and without. Subconscious and conscious.

In the INNER stillness, UNITES.  Feel it.

Feel your Divine Presence permeate all matter around you. The objects in your sight. The air you are breathing. The stillness. Your Consciousness. Feel this now. This is the essence of your entrance into the portal of your Soul Star Matrix, the stillness of your Original LIGHT, as a Light Being. As a Divine Angel.

Your Subconscious mind unites with your conscious mind, through your Divine Blueprint. All unfolds through your Cosmic Computer. Feel your Presence in the Stillness. OF you. The Divine You. Your Sacred Higher Self.

This is the magic of the Equinox. The portal of consciousness between time. Which UNITES the polar opposite within. The Masculine and Feminine, no time and time. Your Spirit and Divinity and your Form.

Enter this portal between each breath. Now.

Enter this portal consciously during the Equinox.

Go deeper within to Activate your Divinity. Now.

Entering this space now, in no time. We embrace the Divine Origins of Our Original Light. Our Soul Star Matrix. Consciously enter this space now as you pause between each breath and read these words, which are an activation for you. Beyond time and space, yet here, now.

I consciously open to my Divine Qualities of consciousness, that help me to enter the Higher Dimensions of Awareness, through all Portals, that allow me to know myself as my Divine Higher Self, in form. Now. (feel)

I consciously receive this Divine Light as the Fully Awakened and Ascended Being, that I Am already, now. (feel and pause between each breath)

I consciously feel the sacredness in all that I feel, think and in all of my daily actions. I feel my Divine Self, function through me, as me, Now.

I Enter the Portal of Stillness in this Sacred Equinox, that awakens my awareness that pulsates through me and surrounds me, and permeates all matter, Now. (feel)

I receive and feel the Divine Grace of my fully Activated conscious and subconscious awareness within me, Untied in the Holy Union, of Spirit and matter, as my Divine Original Light and Presence, that I Am Now.

Feel and Receive. This Sacred Portal of Stillness, which is the Union that is always present, within you.

Your Original Light, Your Ascension. Your Divinity, Now.

In the Holy Grace of Divinity, all merciful and Loving. That I Am Now, Heaven on Earth. So it is ~ Divine Angels, Soul Star Matrix of Divine Original Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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