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  1. 🌹⭐️💙You fill my heart with so much love💙⭐️🌹I so appreciate it, as I am learning to love myself🌹⭐️💙Thank you for your guidance and support 💙⭐️🌹I know intellectually we are all angels🌹⭐️💙To see the unseen in this dimension of density, just floats my boat💙⭐️🌹Your beatific light fills my heart with joy🌹⭐️💙Thank you beautiful golden angel💙⭐️🌹Thank you🌹⭐️💙My son and I have autism. Not big on labels. I am starting to feel I am trying to hard. Might be the biggest block. All my seeking, outside of me. Please know how grateful I am for all the unconditional love and support, while I learn to laugh. Cuz games sposed to be fun right?! ⭐️💙🌹I feel like I am basking on a crystalline beach under the most magnificent rays of golden sun when I look at your pictures. So much beauty, so much love💙🌈💙Thank you beautiful angel🌈💙🌈From my heart to yours🌈💙🌈Thank you🌈💙🌈

  2. I see brilliant golden white light emanating off of you⭐️Looks like a golden angel wing with magenta outlining it⭐️So beautiful⭐️

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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