Pleiadian Activation Testimonial (second activation, at a distance)

“HI Laura, I received strongly at the 10:15 point that our session was over.; I stayed lying down till 10:25. I hope you didn’t find it challenging to battle my mind too much-I realized shortly after lying down that I was hungry! Hard time focusing as a result, lots of mind chatter.

Impressions as follows:

As we began I saw you taking my hands and together placing them and your hands on an orb that was described auditory to me as a “distant sun”, yet it was not a precise description. I took this to mean the Pleiadian Central Sun. I saw the Pleiadian society and your plethora of friends; I saw you on a throne (perhaps figuratively speaking, perhaps not) among them. You are a priestess of sorts I gather. There was tremendous Joy!

I saw a woman with a dominant male-ish energy of wisdom about her-her aura was very tall-dressed in purple robes and a turban at the foot of my bed ( which is my bed in terms of perspective third dimension; really the impressions I received lacked the space and context as a feature of higher dimensions). These qualities (purple, tall, turbaned) have before described a guide I have channeled  from the earth plane, whom I know only as”Indian Friend”, but I am not certain this was him or another dimensional snapshot of him. He is, from the earth plane, of Indian subcontinental ethnicity.

I saw myself being lifted from a table and worked on surgically by the Nibirians. I saw the Nibirians; they were 3 feet tall-ish, webbed feet, scaled. I have a close friend who is male-female polarity. I saw us swimming in the water, myself and my friends. My energy there, as it is here on earth, is young and girlish. There was tremendous Joy!

From what I understand I live in an underwater cave, and most of our society is in this labyrinth network of caves, although perhaps I was just observing the nature of life underwater; I presume it is thusly for all aquatic animals.

I saw streams of golden Light emanating from my crown, and I saw the colours deep indigo and a few other colours. That is all I remember now though more will surely come. Thank you”

Megan, Edmonton, Canada.

My response:

Yes Megan I opened a Vortex in the Central Sun in the Pleiades!! Yes I have a throne there, I was initiated by Melchizedek as Queen of Light. We entered the vortex together! In the temple there is water! The woman with the robes is you as Andromedan, there can be a slight appearance shift!

 Love and Miracles! Laura

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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