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The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ Your Initiation and Rebirth


The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ at 6:44am AST, an Initiation. A New Beginning.

Immersed in the Darkness, of the Shortest day of Daylight, we celebrate the Darkness and go deeper within. Then we are Initiated into GREATER Light. As the return of Light begins. Culminating with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of daylight of the year.

Every day we experience a Sacred Ritual. The Sun setting, symbolic of Death. The Sun Rising, Symbolic of Rebirth. We die, we are born. Over and over.

Initiated through the darkness, resurrected, through the LIGHT.

These cycles, are held deep within our subconscious mind. We prepare for the night. The initiations. We RISE in the morning with the Sun rising, a new day. A new cycle. A new birth.

As we embrace REBIRTH and the cycles that as Eternal Beings of Light, we go through, as consciousness in form. we embrace the sacredness. The Sacredness of our Light. Of rhythms, the Sun and Moon. Our Breath, inhaling and exhaling. Of being alive.

Many of us may find our life situations, are not as hoped for. Not as desired. Moving slowly. Yet when we have entered an initiatory phase of our consciousness. we know deep within us, it is the preparatory phase. Preparing for our Rebirth. Our beginning. A new cycle.

A New way of Being.

In the Darkness there is light. Though we cannot see clearly what and when and how, all things unfold, through these cycles of consciousness.

In the darkness is the stillness, where we know, ALL Great things within, are born through the LIGHT.

Reflect on each day, the cycle of Night and Day. The seasons. The darkness, and the rebirth into greater Light, as you NOW open, to ALSO receive greater Light.

Celebrating this greater Light, our REBIRTH, the floodgates of HEAVEN now open up and we are Blessed.

The SUN, representing the Spiritual Sun, is the life-giving force of life eternal. We breathe it in. We bathe in it. We celebrate in it. We love through it. Although this Sun feels external, it is deep within us. As well as the darkness, the subconscious.

Uniting the darkness and the Light, we unite Heaven within us.

The subconscious and conscious, all that we are not aware of, that plays out through us and all that we consciously experience. Embracing the unknown, what we do not see, is embracing all aspects of our being. The darkness and the Light.

NOW this Winter Solstice. And NOW.

Breathe in this Light. The Sun. Let it fill your Heart.

Let its presence, be part of your awareness.

On this Winter Solstice, the day that has the shortest length of daylight of the year, focus deep within. 

Immersed in greater darkness, Light some candles and be present with the Light within you. 

Reflective of the levels of consciousness, deep within you, be attentive and consciously focis on the eternal Light within you, through your Heart.

Deeply feel your Presence as this Eternal Light within your Heart. Within you. 

Welcome this GREATER Light.

The greater awareness of your Light. 

The Initiations, that are now set for you to Experience are being initiated within you NOW.

Breathe in the NEWNESS and let go of the OLD as you exhale. 

Embrace the darkness within, and the Light within.

And then the Glorious Light that is Eternal, will BLESS you through your darkness, through your initiations, through your being the Light that receives this conscious INCREASE in your LIGHT.



The Glorious Return of LIGHT. 

Your emerging LIGHT. 

The Light that is your Original PURE Light. 

As the Grace and Love of all that is. 

All Miracles, NOW.





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In the Darkness of the Cradle, The New is Born~The Winter Solstice


With Just over 3 weeks till the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice for some) the opportunity to embrace within, the New Matrix of Consciousness, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, has raised itself, as the Momentum continues to Build, as the daylight continues to shorten.
December 22, 2015, 12:49am AST ~ the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (the shortest day) we experience, now, a POWERFUL Strengthening of the New Matrix. The New Blueprint of Consciousness. Which is the New Return to the Original consciousness.
As too, the Light of the Sun begins its New Solar Cycle, and as we celebrate this on the Winter Solstice, so too you, may experience a deeper initiation, into Being the Light of your Soul. Your Original Pure Light of Consciousness.
As the Frequency continues to Build and as you are held more intensely in the darkness of the cradle (the shorter daylight) and as this reaches its depths of darkness (Winter Solstice) Delve ever DEEPER within You Dear Souls, as you are Consecrated Anew, as the Birth of the New You, into the ever-expanding Consciousness of Light.
This ever-expanding Consciousness of Light, is the beatific Glory of Your Soul. I Celebrate this Return, as the deepening Matrix and Blueprint of Consciousness, enters more powerfully, the Full awakening through the alchemical process of expanding Light of consciousness, within. 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Accept, Love and Unite, as the Beckoning of Light, draws you to it, unto itself.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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