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The Reality of What You Were ~ Is Now Dissolved

LJPWith the advent of this New Moon, parallel worlds are shifting and have shifted.  Timelines are shifting here and you are in the midst of it. You will awaken from the dream, with this new life, not sought after, but showing up arrived.

Breathe in this new reality; bespoken, for you and your frequency.

All is merging and is merged.

The contact desired, has been completed, in the hearts of those appointed in their awakening, for this consciousness adjustment, and timeline shift.

You are blessed with the grace, many only dream of, unaware.

Held in the hearts, of those that unfold, the glorious light, of the once held dream, before time.

The awakened ones, will not know of time, in their existence, the bells of awareness, lives within the flow of their hearts, glorified awareness.

The beatific beauty, held in eternity, lays at the feet, of what was, a dormant reality. Void only in the external appearance, of man-made plans.

We live and breathe now in the age of freedom, as the heart joins the chorus, with the angels and ascended Beings, we have become.

The reality of all that you were, now dissolved, in the love filled grace, of eternal being.

We anoint all as this momentous transition, plays out on the stage, of the new divine world.

We are with you, now and forevermore. In the Love, desired and known, as the first breath, of a birthed sun, that has realized its glory.

The Alchemy of Consciousness Expansion ~ Timeline Shifts


Relax, breathe and feel your body as you read and as you continue to shift more and more, into the Higher Self YOU. The God Self you. The Divine Ascended You. 

Wow so much has changed in the last few days! Since sharing more on Timeline Shifting.

As you continue to increase in frequency you will see clearly the process you have gone through. This is all taking place at the Higher Dimensions, through you.

When your consciousness has shifted and you exist as the ONE in those Higher Dimensions, you literally live in a new timeline. What would be called a Future Timeline. Yet it exists now.

You are in the process of calling this to you, dissolving all that is not in alignment with that timeline within your consciousness, expanding your consciousness, making way for your Higher Self to live through you. Then you shift timelines.

When you experience a Shift in Consciousness, you experience a shift in your awareness and in how you see things. Your consciousness is your filter of reality.

When you tap into (become consciously aware of) the Reality (frequency) of YOU that exists as your Higher Self, your consciousness begins to change.

As an example, outdated old beliefs vanish, as your frequency shifts and increases. This is effortless, at the level of aligning with the Higher Frequencies. In other words, the Higher Frequencies naturally dissolves, what is no longer supportive of the Higher Frequencies and the shifts you are going through. This dissolving and vanishing, is the very process that makes way for your expansion.

When I view consciousness of those that are experiencing 3D Symptoms, so to speak, the very “cluttered” mind scape, that occupies and fills their awareness, is what is released (through the Higher Frequencies) that creates the space, for the expansion.

The Process then of the lower frequencies dissolving as the Higher Frequencies become more of that which you are aligned with, is the very leading up to, a Quantum Timeline Shift.

Occupying your awareness, your intentions, your subconscious (your frequency) is the consciousness foundation, that your Higher Self, is working THROUGH.

Leading you to experiences for more dissolving of the old. Creating more space. Leading you to experiences to Align in a greater way, with the Higher Frequencies.

Your alignment with the higher Frequencies of Light, NATURALLY on your behalf, clears the space in your consciousness for greater expansion.

The Light shining brightly upon what may seem as darker recesses of the mind, is simply how the LIGHT Calls to itself, the Birthing of more itself as Light.

The Dissolving is the process of Alchemy, that transforms 3D consciousness into the Higher Dimensions of consciousness.

This is Alchemy. It is not work.

It is not struggling.


As you READ this!

As you listen to Invocations, Activations, Frequency Transmissions. As you receive the HOURLY Activation. As you Feel, Breathe, in all moments!

It is focusing and immersing your awareness on Higher Frequencies. That shifts your Frequency.

When immersed in this Higher Light Frequencies, the birthing of the NEW YOU, is the transformation of the Lower frequencies (the alchemy) into the Higher Frequencies.  Which in turn, gives the space for more of your Higher Self to occupy your consciousness.

Sensing the YOU that is your Higher Self, is the process of Aligning with the timeline that you exist in ALREADY as your Higher Self Exists. How else could you notice and feel this, if you did not already exist as that, which you are in the process of aligning with.

That is how all dissolves effortlessly and How you become ONE with the TIMELINE of you that is Ascended.

ALL was created at the beginning. You are tapping into a new timeline.

The Invocation to your Future Timeline, your Higher Self, is this process of timeline shifting. It is a High Frequency Activation. That Aligns you with THAT Timeline. You and Your Higher Self.

That which you do not see, yet you feel is the YOU that you desire to be, is the timeline, I am referring to. You know this within you. It is now coming more and more to the forefront of your consciousness.

And here we are! More shifts, more miracles! More dissolving and more expanding of consciousness! Effortlessly. Feel this. Feel the Light. Feel the unconditional Love for You. That knows, you ARE ready to be Loved fully.

I Am unconditional Love Now.

I consciously Align with my Higher Self, now.

I AM filled with Higher Frequencies of Light, Now.

I live as my Higher Self, in the Divine Glory, that I Am, now.

I Now shift timelines.

I live in the Glorious expansion of my Higher Divine Self.

And So it is! That I am already. ALL and forever, Now. I love you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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