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Embody the Dreams of your Higher Self


Your conditioned thoughts (thought forms) when negative play out the limitations held as beliefs held in your subconscious mind.

Your everyday consciousness reflects, that which is held in your subconscious mind.

Your superconscious mind, informs you though images and feelings, of your personal Dream of Dreams. Your Hearts desire. That is, that which seems impossible to the dual 3D world of impressions and beliefs held in your subconscious mind. Your programming and repetitive patterns, that you play out. Till you are free and finished with that programming.

Use your everyday conscious mind (it is not in your body) to focus upon the visions, hopes (and the once thought of) seemingly impossible dreams of your superconscious mind.

Your negative thought forms, functions through your subconscious mind, as old patterns and memory, often called karma.

Your superconscious mind is the voice of your Higher Self. Divine Self. It always shows you something greater.

You are here to transform your old patterning to the Blueprint that your Higher Divine Self has planned for you. That is your Destiny. The old program is dissolved, through the use of your everyday conscious mind. Through your focus and intentions. That is, to believe the impossible. To believe the greatest dream you could have and even greater, is in store for you.

To trust your Highest Dreams of your Heart. That they are there for a reason. This superconscious mind of yours, sweeps out the subconscious mind of its old beliefs, and replaces those, with a crown of Glory.

This crown of Glory is the Divine Plan, you as your Soul have set up for you.

Which would you rather listen to and act upon.

Those old beliefs of self-doubt?

Or that there was always a grander Vision and Plan for your life.

What you focus on increases.

Focus on the Divine Voice within you. The voice that says yes, it is possible.

Let go of the old ways. The thought forms that said you weren’t good enough. Or one day when….Those are old traps of the old program, that function to keep you there.

If you truly want to live the most magical Life. Use your everyday consciousness to BELIEVE the Impossible is NOW POSSIBLE.


Dare to Believe your Soul is a GREAT Soul  of magnificent Light and Glory.

Let go of the voice that functions as the old patterning of self-doubt, self-criticism and lack of self-love.

Believe in yourself enough to love yourself. Enough to Believe there is a greater version of YOU ~ about to emerge.

That you in all of your Glory, came HERE to EARTH to BE.

Right now.

Not tomorrow.

Right Now.

I am a Divine Magnificent Being of Light.

I believe in the impossible BEING POSSIBLE.

I let go of my old thought forms NOW.

I trust the Plan for my life, is Greater than I can imagine.

I trust the Greatest Dream is unfolding for me NOW.

I Live in joy, KNOWING THIS NOW.

Deep in my heart, I trust and listen to the voice of my Higher Self that confirms this now. I feel this now in my Body.

This is the Magic of True Divinity.


Knowing that all comes to me and unfolds perfectly.

I ONLY listen to the Higher voice of my Divine Self. My superconscious mind. The One that knows the Dream I came to Earth to Live.

And So It is. In the Highest of Highest Love. In the Most Beatific Glory. All Now.

Angelic LightShip-medium

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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