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DNA Memory ~ Elohim Creation Plan


As you continue to Transform, through your Application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, that is, through Self Acceptance and Self Love, the noticeable changes within you, will guide you to an ever-deepening understanding of yourself, and an intensifying within you, of that which is up next to be transformed, within You.

The guidance system, within your cellular consciousness that is your signalling device, your own personal transmitter of information, so to speak, is constantly being upgraded, in an alignment, with your Soul Blueprint and Plan for this incarnation.

When designing DNA, (Elohim Creator Gods)Β the application of memory was fully intact within its creation. And although you may have experienced, what may seem as a lack of memory, the evolving of yourΒ consciousness, and the full memory of all of your incarnations and experiences, are fully downloaded as your experiences, into all levels of your consciousness and bodies, throughout all experience of time, and throughout all parallel worlds, to be fully accessed, by you, consciously, when you are ready.

The dormant Light Codes (seeming non memory) are not really dormant, which are held in your Original Blueprint, in your Full DNA record. Β The consciousness of you, appearing to be separate from the Wholeness of You, is s imply waiting its own awakening of Self.

The Communication System, (DNA) which is made up of Light and Frequency, that holds your Full Record and Memory, is held fully functional, as the constant feedback Loop of Frequency, that it is.

Even now in its full capacity of constant transference of this information (through the DNA frequency feedback loop) no thing is lost or forgotten. As the evolving human being,Β in the Journey through self-awareness (as the caretaker of its own conscious Light) there is an emitting of Light, through the Soul, that is drawing the expanded awakening, into its own Being and awareness.

In the setting up of each incarnation (as the focus of an incarnation) through the many sojourns of the Soul, what is readily functioning and awakened, or dormant in the incarnation experience, is not a punishment system, but a very wise plan, that is Known fully, when the purpose of the plan, is revealed, through the consciousness of the experiencer.

As you continue in your application of acceptance of all experiences, the gateway to your full purpose of Being, in the Uniqueness of your Blueprint, is revealed moment to moment, through your Being. There is nothing missing. There is everything, as it is to Be. And as you release the need to know, before you known, you enter the surrender, that is your portal to the full allowing, of your plan, your Soul, to Be as you are Designed to Be.

In this is the freedom from suffering, which lives the gentleness, of a heart fully awakened, as the eternal abiding ofΒ being the love, of all that it is, and has always been. The grand Glory of this, is revealed in the simplicity, as the emptiness of all, in the Being the experience of all that arises.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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