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Emanating as Your Star Creation Matrix~5th Dimensional Consciousness



Words cannot describe the state of Being, that is your Original Source Light, Being.  One can list attributes that are Present in the aware state of this Source Light Being. Even these ever-expanding attributes (that of the Divine You) that are the waking up to the recognition of your transformation as the Divinity of You, are simply, That.  Vibrating as the Frequencies of the  Higher Dimensions (that you eternally exist within) harmonizes your Vibration and awakens the Light Codes within your Blueprint, to the higher states of Consciousness, that is the Freedom of you, the Mastery of You. Your Divine Self, playing in Form.

This is how my Audio Frequency Transmissions, and Daily Light Activations work. The frequencies emanate from the Origin Point of Creation. You become attuned to the  high Vibrational frequency of your Original Pure Source Light, Being, that you Are.

Your Star Creation Matrix was created and Emanated as your Unique Soul Blueprint and Frequency (Light) from The Light that emanates itself from within the Origin Point of ALL Light, from within All That is, from within Source, from within God, from within the Void~ whatever names you want to call this. They are only names. These words are used as mortal language. These words only point to an experience, they are not the experience, itself.

When you look (as an example) at the photo below with the Light. Do you sense, that the Light is just Light. Does this Light have fear? Or does it grasp? Is it attached to things? Or is it (in mortal language) more Neutral? Is it just Being Light?  With no agenda, just is. This is similar (words cannot describe the experience) of your emanation from the Origin Point. Light Being Light. It just is.

Now this Light is Creative Light, and through the Emanation (point of Origin) a Frequency of Vibration as its Being (Light) then Creates itself (through the unique vibration) INTO and as Being Present in and through Form, experiencing itself.

Form is Light, although this may be experienced as if other than Light, when viewed through different Frequency Vibrations.

NOW, the 5th Dimensional Consciousness that you Desire to Exist in, You already do. The Dial is Changed and Changing constantly, to that WHICH IS Already. You are Being Attuned to IT.  You are Being Attuned to your Higher Frequency Origin Point. You are Being Attuned to the 5th Dimension. This is a Dimension where you already exist, and this is the Pure You. That has no Attachments, or Fear, and does not experience Grasping. This is you as Light. Emanating from your Origin Point.

Parallel World Shifts in Consciousness, that are Accelerated Frequencies, attuning you to your Origin Point. To 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

This is How you already exist.  This may appear as evolving through what may appear as going Backwards in time. Yet this YOU is experiencing everything simultaneously, in NO TIME. Words cannot describe this. From here on in, so to speak, experience yourself as your Light Emanation. Choose to vibrate consciously and attune yourself, to the Vibrations that are the Light Vibrations of Your Emanation and Origin Point of Being, Soul, Source, Light.

Welcome you Home, to and in the Eternal Love, that You are.

Your Soul, Your Immortal Body of Light. The Light of You.

Your experience of Heaven on Earth.

Awakening to the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Light, that of Your Soul.

The Vibrational Light of the Origin.

The Frequency Emanation, of All That is.

Being All That is.

Activating within you, the Light Codes of your Original Source Light, in the Eternal Frequency Vibration of Unconditional Love, where All Emanates and is, is the awakened, Divine, Master of You. Your Blueprint.

I Am Eternally With you, Living within your Heart, in this the Glory, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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