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Interfacing through the Spiritual Sun ~ Source Seed Awakening

Activating Divine Light Within

Awakening through the powerful initiatory Frequencies of the Central Sun, within your Heart, your Consciousness, is a Shift in Light Frequencies within your awareness. Your DNA. Your cellular consciousness. Your Crystalline Consciousness of Eternal Light.

Your Light body Substance, infusedΒ with the Eternal Light of the Central Sun, encoded to be awakened Now. As the Divine Ascended Being.

This awakening is through the increase in Photons emitted from the Great Central Sun. As Above, so Below.

The Sun in our Milky Way Galaxy is the Portal through which you experience the Light of the Spiritual Sun.

Located within your Heart Space, is the mirror Spiritual Sun, which contains your Soul seed, the mirror Spiritual Sun. Your Light Body. Your Immortal Body of Light.

Activating this Soul Seed, is what is taking place, referred to as your Ascension.

You as Light. You as your Divine Light. You as the spiritual Sun. Your Light body fully Activated, as the you that is IMMORTAL. That lives forever. That is what eternity is.

Earth a Holographic meeting place, is a temporary meeting place, of the emanations of Source, Soul Seed awareness.

Activating this awareness, is activating NOW the Cosmic Portal, through which Earth becomes the Immortal Light Body meeting place, of interfacing aspects of Dimensional Awareness. And a varying cosmic display of a CONGLOMERATE of Light Beings, that are ushering in the New Paradigm of consciousness., as LIGHT.

The wholeness in the Uniqueness. Individuated Soul Source, (seed) Immortal Light Bodies. Of Pure Source Consciousness.

Self Aware, Awakened Beings of Light.

The Hourly “Divine Ascended Being” Activation, is just that. Those that are ready to receive it, will. This is the New Divine Humanity.

These are the Light Beings, that bring forth the Uniqueness of Source Consciousness, through their Immortal Bodies of Light. As Light Beings.

Representatives, in Soul Light Form, of many varied experiences of consciousness, as SOURCE.

The Acceleration in the Momentum is off the Richter scale, so to speak.

We Are Here. We are Now. We Are Soul Light Beings. Interacting through the
Spiritual Sun. The Source Light Frequency. And so it is. Now.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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