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Accessing Parallel Worlds ~ Changes the YOU here Now


Intense Parallel World experiences. Literally moving around physically here, yet also at the same time, in other worlds, transforms consciousness.

I have walked here in this world (and many other experiences I will be sharing) and experienced this world change to another dimension in front of my eyes. To a completely new world.

Staying present through an intense Initiation is part of being ready to step into your new Timeline.

Multidimensional consciousness through awareness in the other Parallel Worlds, and shifting back and forth, in all worlds (this dimension also) IMPACTS matter here. Changes consciousness and matter here and how you view REALITY.

This expanded consciousness becomes Unified fully in all dimensions and this expansion MERGES timelines.

This merging changes the way the physical Brain functions.

The understanding of these Shifts takes place through the Heart. Then new neural pathways open up, and the way you see things change and your thinking process, changes.

Maneuvering through these worlds and experiencing the SUBSTANCE of other dimensions as the same substance as in this dimension (matter) is the process of transformation and the stepping into a New Timeline.

Matter as consciousness.

Dimensions as consciousness.

You opening up to your multidimensional Self consciously.

Relax, breathe and feel and receive this shift. Slowly read and pause. 

I Open up fully to my Higher Self now. 

I open up in the Dream State to more of my consciousness. 

I understand the Dream State and My Waking consciousness function through the same consciousness that I Am. 

These states of consciousness within me are expanding, now. 

I receive all Light Codes for my next level of Activation, now. 

I integrate, I receive, through my Heart. 

I love myself and I consciously merge with my Divine God Self, now. 

And so it is! Relax, breathe and feel!

Your Evolution is your Ascension. Your Ascension is Now.

Your Expansion is Now.

In the Highest of Highest Divine Love and Radiance, I am with you! Now!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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