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Everything Has Changed ~ Your Consciousness Has Shifted

Experiencing dramatic changes ~ is the result of Consciousness Shifts.

Frequency Shifts. DNA Shifts.

Literally living in a world where everything is shifting before your eyes.

You are different. The world is different.

You see it everywhere.

You have changed and merged with the Eternal You.

Your Original Light.

Maneuvering through the states of consciousness that are shifting, as you observe this ~ everything SHIFTS more.

You have let go of all attachments.

You have mastered the elements within.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire. You live through the truth of you, your Eternal Spirit.

The Mastery of thoughts. The Mastery of Emotions.

The Mastery of FORM.

It now all flows through YOU ~ consciously.

Your Consciousness has shifted.

It is changing before your eyes, your reality.

You have merged with your Original Light.

You are Stepping into the Being of your Merged consciousness and adjusting to this Newness of Being.

YOU observe and watch this unfold, Now.

You Live and breathe this new reality into Being.

As the Consciousness of Eternal Light.

We are with You. In the Glory of the Light ~ that sets all free ~ as its Original Pure State of Being. In the Unconditional Love that is Heaven on Earth, The Divine Council of Overseers.

See in the Eternal Mirror…The Shift in Consciousness. Now.


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Miracles and Synchronicity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You are a radiating Light Field of Information and Frequency. This Light Field draws to you the experiences you experience. Your Higher Self has transfused you with the Blueprint as an aspect of your Soul, that is, the you and the experiences this incarnation.

Your Memory is your karma. It is not good or bad, although it may feel that way. As you may not enjoy living out some experiences you came to live out.

The clearing you experience is the releasing of the codes within your Blueprint that actualized your every day experiences. The repetitive patterns, to be released, is the releasing of karma. Once free from these repetitive patterns of consciousness, you consciously receive the full activation of your Higher Self Light codes. That is ~ your Eternal Light Codes. That is the original You. You as Light. This is the Free You. The design of Perfection you are created AS.

The death of anything before the rebirth can feel painful. The painful periods are there for your own conscious application and participation, in your own evolution of consciousness.

Taking all the parts that seem separate, into wholeness. Through this conscious application of Love. You are transforming through this love as this love is cohesive and harmonious and exists as your wholeness.

Consciously develop your attention span, so to be aware of what is really going on inside you.

Of course this too, some of you have developed over many lifetimes. Some of you are new to this. All is perfect in Divine Timing.

Love and show compassion. Let go of trying to figure out. Let go of your wanting external things to please yourself. ALL is ADDED to you.

As ~ you are WITHIN.

When you are Living through the Free Original Light You, Miracles and Synchronicity exist in every moment. Truly every moment is Magic when lived through the eyes and frequency of your Original Soul Light. This is freedom. This is Miraculous. This is how it is Designed to BE. The Pure YOU.

The Divine You. The Eternal You. The You as your Immortal Body of Light. No Death, no Beginning. Creator. God Self.

Holding you and Activating you Every Hour. 11 ~ 33 Minutes after every hour. Intend to Receive. Breathe this in. The God Self You. Your Higher Self. The Freedom you have longed for.

The Miracles and Synchronicity, NOW. I hold you in this Endless Eternal Beatific Light. The Light of your Soul. All Now. I love you.


Eternal Love and Miracles!


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