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New Reference Points ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


There is nothing to hold on to anymore. How you “thought” life was, is no longer that way. All of the old structures and concepts are disintegrating, leaving in its aftermath, no traces of the old paradigm within. Shattered, dissolved, and vanished, within.

It may feel like nothing of the “you” ~ you had thought you were, is left, within you. That is a good thing.

The moment to moment arising, that you are observing, is the pulsating life force of creation, that rushes through all life, like an endless tidal wave, of Living water.

This movement of energy, this arising, is the experience of the moment, of Life and is how life experiences itself. You are life, you are living. The surrender to this, to what life is doing through you, as Being Pure Experience, is the new reference point of surrender.

As the old reference points within continue to dissolve, and it feels like there are no reference points left,  over and over, surrender and acceptance becomes the new home within, where you nestle up to the compassion, within, of pure Being, and witness, Being Experience itself.

This emptiness is also everything. As you recognize, now you are not separate, from that which you thought you were separate. Life is Not what you thought it was, and who you are, has taken on a completely new meaning, that of which, has become Life itself.

Life gave you Life, and life has its way with you now. Life leads you to the everlasting Glory of your Divinity. To your Destiny. To all that you desire within, as your Souls Calling. Your Blueprint. Your Souls deepest fulfillment, which is your Mastery.

Your knowing and Being what it fully means to be LIVING here through a Form on Planet Earth. As the living waters, of compassion. As the rushing winds of change. As the fire of transformation. As the Light of your Soul.

Surrender, compassion and acceptance are your new reference points of Being, within you.

As you now live life, as Breath flows through you to BE.

As the Sacred Beatific Light of the Divine.

You as Life itself.

You Experiencing Being LIFE.

Welcome Home.



Eternal Love and Bliss!

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