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New Moon in Capricorn, December 29th, 2016 ~ The Phoenix Rising


New Beginnings ~ The Sun Conjunct Moon, the New Moon. The impact lasts until the next New Moon, but the first two weeks after the New Moon, the waxing moon, is the best time to impact these new opportunities for transformation, within.

December 29th, 2016, 2:53am AST ~ The New Moon in Capricorn, Conjunct Mercury and Sextile Mars. With Mercury Retrograde playing a key role, igniting the desire to reflect upon the year, and move even deeper into introspection, looking at aspects within our own consciousness.

An Ending and a Beginning. The year 2016 ~ filled with challenges of staying true to the Soul. It may have felt like test after test on Steroids.

YET at the peak of the pinnacle of the entire year (the mountain top) what do you see? Feel? Know? Sense? A Love for yourself that has grown? A deeper appreciation of what it means to LIVE for your Soul ~ all the way?

in 2017 ~ The Best is yet to come and although you may not know what that BEST is, the great part is, it is beyond your imagination.

When going through the ending of this Year and the Beginning of the New Moon and New Year, with deep introspection that Mercury Retrograde blesses us with, embrace the LOVE that no matter what you have been through. IT has all been for your Evolution. Your Ending and Clearing. And your Rebirth.

Will all be Joyous and perfect in 2017? Will the shifts you had hope for materialize? Did you do all to stand true to your Soul? Are you a better person more loving because of this? These are things to ponder. To know deep within you are you ready?

Your Blueprint is constantly transforming as you ARE Viewing your Life. Your changes. Your consciousness.

A Love Story, an ending..a deepening Love.

ALL may be in store for you. The ONLY thing guaranteed as no matter what you experience, there are no random events. It all unfolds according to your consciousness. As all shifts and changes within you, all shifts and changes around you.

Accessing honestly how you feel, being authentic with yourself, is the beginning of a long-lasting deepening love story, with yourself. Deep within. This Love is the truth of the Moment.

Which is always what is. And this what is…without resistance become the PURITY though which our SOUL Presence shines through. That catapults us as if by a quantum leap into being the Victorious Master, we are and that we have materialized into ~ through our expansion of consciousness.

No matter where you have been and what you have gone through, there is always that new beginning. Reflect go deeper. Then begin anew.

Born over and over. As the ONE that rises from the ashes of experience. Into the LIGHT of the New Dawn.

Blessing YOU as you welcome in the New within yourself. This New Moon. This New Year. This New NOW moment.

Always in the Glory of Your Eternal Light.

Being ONE with the Light that you eternally ARE. Materializing through your form and  through your expanded consciousness, the ASCENDED Glorious being that you ARE.

I welcome you and Honour you. The Phoenix Rising Within. All That you are. 

As the Eternal Love and Grace shines Divine LIGHT upon ALL that YOU ARE. Blessings and Profound Miracles! The NOW time to SHINE!



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New Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto~January 9th, 2016


With Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (until January 26) being felt as the ever-deepening flow, into the Moment “within” now we have the added New Moon (and Sun) in Capricorn (Earth Sign) conjunct Pluto, and squaring Uranus in Aries (reactivating the Uranus- Pluto Square Finale) January 9th, 2016, 9:30pm AST.

This will be an intense (to say the least) New Moon, and with the Uranus Pluto Square (sudden change, plunged to hell and back) and both Mercury and Jupiter in Retrograde, the punch of the New Moon intentions, may feel more like Being thrust deep into an Ocean, and coming up for air, only as much as needed, to keep you alive and breathing. NOW, having said that, this is a good thing. As it takes all of your awareness, within yourself, to realize, and reflect (mercury retrograde) where you have been (before 2012) and where you are Now, in experiencing your OWN Consciousness.

Resistance to the changes you have been through, and what you will be going through, is where the experience of a personal hell, and suffering come from.

Be aware what is coming up (this includes fears) that, is what is arising. Be with it as a deeper cleansing of your awareness, lifts you up, to greater heights of awareness. As the YOU that lives in surrender, to the now in the present moment. Love and accept (apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness) to all that comes up for you, as your process, and all that arises, within you.

There will also be a trine, with Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. So it wont be all experienced as doom and gloom, for those of you have much to surrender in the hidden closet of consciousness.

Surrender, as I impart this to you, as a Mantra, for the moments, in your depths of the Ocean, and as you come up for a breather, TO Surrender, to what is. A deeper sense of a “hell” takes place in resistance.

There is a Powerful force, your Blueprint, that is the guiding balm, and elixir, guiding you through what comes up and HOW this is experienced in its unique way ~ THROUGH you. Surrender to that. That which takes you and moulds your consciousness, into the Glory and Awareness, of the Original Pure You. The You that is Ascended. That Loves, that accepts, that knows, nothing else to Be, but to Be that. That which is in flow, with what Arises. Love that.

Then this New Moon, no matter what depths you plunge into, you will arise, like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, and look back (mercury retrograde) and see now, clearly, Your Arrival, the New You (in your consciousness) into the Now Moment. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Ascended You ~ Being. Knowing what it, knows to Be.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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