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New Moon in Aries, March 27th, 2017 ~ New Beginnings

Wow! This New Moon along with the beginning of the Astrological New Year ~ at the Equinox (March 20th) represents a powerful New Beginning.

The Sun Conjunct Moon, experienced throughout  the 28 day lunar cycle ~ till the April 26th New Moon, has powerful Blessings and challenges.

Spring ~ New Beginnings in Love ~ in Life ~ within YOU!

 March 27th, 2017, at 11:57 pm ADT ~ marks the New Beginning. 

Zest for Life! Exciting New Life within YOU. Arising from the Ashes, here we go! Of course anything within you as reactive responses and memories that trigger painful experiences IS and will be ~ UP for transformation.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel you will experience as you feel and see clearly, where you WERE in your consciousness, where you are going within you, and where you ARE Now.

Take time to notice the NEW YOU ~ including all aspects that make up the myriad WAYS you are. As Aspects that make up the whole within you.

The Self critical you, the Loving you, the ONE YOU LONG  to only know yourself to be, the ONE who attempts to control all aspects, and the One who observes and More….

Speak with each ONE within yourself, knowing together they form the ma many facets of you, and not preferring one over they other, they become the harmonious whole. And why not? They are all parts of you that desire acceptance, unconditional love IN ORDER to merge as one harmonious WHOLE you.

What may arise during this New Moon, is the YOU that experiences love relationships. Or Lust, or both.

Sun conjunct Venus and Moon conjunct Venus. Venus is in RETROGRADE. Some twists, delays and challenges…Yet may still open you to your ONE True Love and Twin Flame.

Fated Love ~ Twin Flame Love, but with hardships, delays, which is always part of those TRUE LOVE STORIES. AN EX lover returning. A whirlwind romance based on lust, even if in a marriage or love relationship. Or that perfect love! The ONE…

Or if you are already in your Twin Flame ~ perfect love relationship, some challenges may take place. That is, if you have things within you, memories, within you to clear.

Are you up for the challenge? To find out what is REAL within YOU? To find out if the new YOU NOW is ready to face ~ what will come your way.

If the intuition that you feel speaks to you, through whatever means, is the Higher Self you, or more of the old memories resurfacing BECAUSE that is what is up next to FACE.

No need to hold back, trust what you feel is your Guidance, all experiences are for learning.

That learning has always BEEN about YOU.

To learn of the many aspects of SELF. Merging all, eventually into a congruent Loving you, that does not judge SELF. That is when true LOVE lands on your doorstep so to speak. When you are TRULY Ready.

To love. That love is not needy, to then recognize itself as love, that love is pure love within YOU.

Jupiter Square Pluto ~ success and determination at all costs ~ or the heightened awareness of the Higher Self You ~ that leads you to the TRUE Mastery and success within YOU. This depends on the harmony within with all of those aspects of YOU. Including the part of you that attempts to control all the inner parts.

Mars Sextile Neptune ~ that perfect Twin Flame, MYSTICAL love and making love. Perfect Union, it is all here, WITHIN YOU. Awakening more deeply as all the parts within you move into greater Harmony.

This is a VERY Revealing frequency time…so to speak.

Pay Attention to what takes place within you.

Speak to all of your INNER Aspects.

DO not judge any part, that is the path to WHOLENESS.

There is no part or aspect small enough in importance, that it TOO gets fully loved and appreciated, even if the controller part, wants it to be done or gone already. All part of the inner whole YOU.

Listen to my “Healing” audio transmission if challenges arise and you desire greater Harmony with all of your bodies; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Holding you in LOVE and in all parts of your Being, this New Moon. Including the you in your so-called Future Timeline, the  you in this moment,  and the many versions of you in Parallel Worlds, timelines and Universes!

Including the Divine Ascended Being ~ YOU ~ Now and forevermore! I love you!

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New Moon in Aries, April 7th, 2016 ~ Change and Transformation


Every New Moon is a Portal into Newness. This is a powerful New Moon in Aries. Aries marks the Beginning of The Astrological year.

The New Moon (Sun Conjunct Moon) in Aries and the Moon in Aries, marks the beginning of the next 28 Day cycle.

The New Moon in Aries is on April 7th, 2016 at 8:23 am ADT.


The intensity of the Uranus Square Pluto will be waning. With Saturn trine Uranus and Saturn in retrograde, the experience will be more of a gentler change. The New Moon in Aries joins Uranus in Aries. Uranus is a powerful influence during this new beginning.

Changes. Many changes. All changes take place within. Then appear in the external world, matching your vibration.

Within matches all in your experience externally. As it is your vibration that creates the world that you see and the lenses through which you perceive all things.

Aries is a powerful force of New Beginnings. Uranus rules sudden change, excitement, transformation. With the Sun Conjunct Uranus, this is a time of excitement and change.

Focusing on your inner change and participating consciously with your self-love transformation (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is you setting the intention, to consciously be aware of your frequency, and consciously participating in all the changes that unfold THROUGH you.

As always, stay focused and present in the moment. As all that arises through you and your response through love, you to you, is the transformational power, of your conscious awareness. Through your Heart.

Attune your self to be attentive as well as setting your intentions. Intension guide your ship. Yet attention allows you to be present and to observe what frequency you are actually vibrating to and with.

It is your vibration that creates your reality on all levels of being.

Observe, pay attention and intend.

This will help you to stay present, which is what your mastery and the awareness of the love you have for yourself of the lack of love you are actually living  from moment to moment.

This process of self-love (5th dimensional consciousness) is your initiation into being the master that you are already at the higher levels of your consciousness existence.

Your Soul ~ Source God Self.

The You that only knows itself as True Pure Love in the child like nature of Being. Which is present. Which is your Divine Presence. Which is the You being the master.

Be open to receive and be aware of the changes within yourself. Intend to receive the Hourly Energy Activation. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes, every hour, 24/7.

Open your awareness and attention to the changes within you. As the stars align as planned since before time, open your heart, as the alignment that you have always been. You with your Soul.

This is you aligning as the Ascended State of Being, that is conscious of your Divine Union. The You that has always existed as your Divine Source ~ God Self.

Holding you in this, this powerful Initiation into Mastery. Into your Divine Self. Holding you eternally in the Glory, Grace and Love of Divinity, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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