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Knowing Yourself as The Observer

L'AuraInannaThe consciousness of Light is the vast potentiality of frequencies.

As the observer, you position yourself, through the actualization of awareness, as the one that manifests frequencies of consciousness.

Your awareness expands as you focus in on specific higher light frequencies. This attuning to ~ becomes you.

Your reality in all this, is your focused awareness and attention.

All the dimensions flow through your awareness.

Your zooming in, is the attention and focusing of this awareness.

Observing and being observed in all aspects of your realities, shapes matter and shifts reality.

Knowing yourself through all of this, as the observer, you consciously become the creator of your reality, in the infinite ocean of light consciousness experience.

Creation frequencies, adjusts themselves THROUGH your observations.

Your consciousness exists within this vastness, as all worlds and realities are made of this. Light, observation, frequency, REALITY.

The Light forms its consciousness realities as it is viewed moment to moment through the awareness, attention and frequency of the observer.

You exist in this living light of all potentiality. You are the observer.

We are here with you, activating the greater awareness of YOU ~ through your observations and realities, as you now go through the New Portals of expansion. Into being the vastness of Light potentialities itself.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, the orchestrators of LIGHT frequencies, the initiators through Divine Eternal love. Present NOW.



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