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Let GO of How you Want things to Be and Enter Eternity


How DO you want things to BE?

Let go of how you WANT things to be and Enter Eternity. Eternity only exists in the present moment. Access to all timelines only exists in the present moment. Your Higher Self only exists in the present moment. Love exists in the present moment.

Love is Eternal. The Present moment lives in Eternity.

3D consciousness only exists in conflict with WHAT is NOW.

Wanting, desiring an OUTCOME in a specific WAY, not only is not being present in the moment, but also, is an expectation based on conflict within. A belief in right or wrong, good and evil, which only exists in 3D.

The Angels, Higher Ascended Beings of Light, live beyond good or evil.

Yet, evil, is educational in its appearance in 3D as it is a DISTORTION of consciousness, that exists in duality.

The cause of suffering is this up and down, wanting this, it comes (temporary false happiness) not getting this, a projected sadness of the future.

FREEING yourself from the repetitive desires of a future based on the past, is stepping into 5th dimensional consciousness. Where everything LITERALLY unfolds perfectly.

It is a different dimension.

Your consciousness can exist in that dimension and be embodied on EARTH.

YOU live in a different world then. Different than most. When you live as the ONE in the higher dimensions, that lives through you in the MOMENT on Earth.

This changes the Earth you live in.

It changes the timeline you live in.

It CHANGES everything.

And contrary to what the 3D ego believes and exists in (memories of a past) YOU live in JOY and BLISS in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the Level where all miracles occur.

Funny how it works isn’t it?

When you let go of your 3D consciousness attempting to get what it wants. When you live in joy and bliss in the present moment. YOU END UP receiving and living in a world MUCH more magical than you can even imagine while in 3D.

You let go to TRULY Receive. It is perfect. Was created perfect. You agreed to be on this journey to learn this and evolve.

Now is the time, it has never been otherwise. Consciously set your intentions and receive the gifts of the present moment. That is truly living. That is truly freeing. That is the only truth where what is, exists. It is all now, and this now, exists within you.

Enter Now.

Let go of wants of the ego that exist as an outcome.

Let go and be FREE.

This present moment, is eternity, that is a frequency, where the UNION with your Higher Self exists. ALL NOW. I love you!

Let Go of How you want things to Be and Enter Eternity.

L’Aura Pleiadian


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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