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A Far Greater Life, than you can ever Imagine Now


The need for validation of self-worth, happiness, joy and bliss, FROM EXTERNAL sources, and the reliant Attachment of identity to this external validation, is the never-ending cycle of suffering. And the reason you keep incarnating.

True Joy, Self Worth, Love, Happiness and Bliss exist within you.

The Inner world within you, which is quiet, which is not attached to anything, except the experience of KNOWING that YOU ARE, is all that you can ever Know. You exist in your own world. The world of You. That is, your consciousness. And you Can experience this Pure State of BEING as the ETERNAL Joy, Love, Happiness and Bliss that you ARE Eternally. Already.

YOU cannot experience this through attachments to an external world outside of yourself, that you may think, is the reflection of your worth. What you see externally, is the result of the past. The consciousness of how you were Being. How you are Being now, creates what you see as your world, in your future, experience.

And any attachments you HAVE (where you have placed YOUR IDENTITY and its worth to you) always leads to suffering. RECOGNIZE all those things you can’t let go of, such as, the item that you can’t let go of, the money that you can’t let go of, the relationship that you can’t let go of, the house that you can’t let go of, and the Need For things externally to BE a certain Way, ARE the CAUSE of suffering.

Why is this? You have searched and are seeking for what you Desire, through the EXTERNAL WORLD.

Sort of like looking for love in all the wrong places. When you are Present in the Moment, You experience the true you. The Eternal YOU. And until you have a DEEP one on ONE relationship with YOURSELF, your Being, and LIVE in That~ Your Eternal PRESENCE, you will not find the PERMANENT Solace, Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy that you Long for and Desire, that is not moved by anything.  This is the Internal World of Being. The inner you, within your Heart.

Yes you Can enjoy that relationship, that money, but you know it will change. Everything changes. You know it passes and you REST in the inner peace and joy that is the  true Sustenance~ Residing in the Present Moment.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness~ and it REQUIRES you to let go of your SUFFERING. Let go of Your Attachments. And enter what is NOW. And Be Present.

Love yourself, and your world changes. 

Feel good about yourself.

YOU are NO LONGER reliant on the external world, that once, gave you a sense of validation, of your worthiness.

You no longer ASK why you are suffering, as YOU no longer are SEEKING externally. And you no longer suffer.

You no longer blame.

You rest within.

You experience peace within.

You experience Love within.

You experience Joy within.

You experience Bliss within.

And it is not dependent ON anything. Ever. Because you ARE.

You KNOW you ARE.

That is all you can truly KNOW. That you ARE.

That is enough.

You Have arrived.

You Are the Joy within that you desire.

You are the Love within that you Desire.

You are the ONE you have waited FOR.

When you let go of all of your Attachments to what being worthy is to you, that the 3D consciousness thrives on, you free yourself to BE PRESENT with what IS. You free yourself from judgement. Judgement is non acceptance of the moment.

You Free yourself from blame, that is the external attempt, to receive internal self-worth and validation. You free yourself, as you validate and love yourself. Which opens you to Love yourself more and Live the life of your dreams. Because you are Loved. Because you are free. Because, you are more than enough. You Are. You are living in your world, of love, self acceptance, beauty and Grace.

IN 5th Dimensional Consciousness you are PRESENT and fully accept yourself.

You thrive on everything as it is Now.

You Know that you ARE.

And you rest here, in the eternal, inner resting place, of Unconditional Love, within You.

You accept, you allow, You Love yourself whatever your experience.

Because you are the ONE.

Ready to live a life far greater than you can even imagine now.

And it is all Now, within you.

That is what you are here to do, to love yourself, and to be that love, and receive, all that you are, which is far greater than imagined. Your Heaven on Earth.

And in Eternal Beatific Glory of All That is, I hold you, Eternally.


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Dear Souls!



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