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Invocation to The Light of Your Soul


I will Publish a series of Daily invocations, and create them in mp3 also..

Start and end your day with this “Invocation to the Light of your Soul” ย and feel its Alchemical POWER in your life.

Pause, Breathe and Feel…take your time…

“Invocation to the Light of Your Soul”

In The Presence of the Great Radiant Light,

My Soul Pours from Above into my crown, its Brilliant Light into all of My Being.

(pause, breathe and feel)

Shining Like a Crystal, I Embody the Warm Glowย of the Great Central Sun.

I feel the Transformation within me, as I feel the Holy Flame of Light within my ย Sacred Heart.

(pause, breathe and feel)

My body receives this Blessing Now.

I AM the Great Light of my Soul.

(pause, breathe and feel)

All areas of My Lifeย receive the Miracles of Eternal Love.

My Finances, my Relationships, my Health are in UNION with

the Light of Eternal Harmony.

(pause, breathe and feel)

Abundance flows to me effortlessly, as The Light of Divine Love itself, now.

(pause, breathe and feel)

My Light Pours into all of My Surroundings.

(pause, breathe and feel)

The never-ending Light of My Soul Fills me with Gratitude, now and this Day

and Reaches out into Infinity as Divine Blessing.

(pause, breathe and feel)

The Grace of Love is infinite in its Holy Alchemical Power.

I am One with The Light of My Eternal Soul Now.

(pause, breathe and feel)

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

Stay Present, Breathe and ย FEEL the Blessings of this Invocation Now..

Print and have with you throughout your day! I love you!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love,ย 

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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