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Feeling Heaven Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Deep within your Heart your Connection to feeling Heaven within you lives.

Bypassing thoughts on what Heaven is and entering the deep feeling of love within you, opens you to the power of  love. The pain longing to be loved within you then releases itself within this love. As it is the love, that it was always waiting for.

Try it now. Open as wide as you can to all feelings within your Heart. Breathe into your Heart. Feel your Heartbeat stay present there. Intend to open your heart wide, to the Love pouring to you now.

Feel Your Presence, waiting to love and heal all within you. Now.

Yes it may be cathartic and powerful. Yes you may feel pain. Yet the pain that comes up in the presence of this love, feels beautiful as it is released. It can go. It now may be transformed. It is safe now, to release it.

Open up more. Desire and intend for all pain to surface in the presence of this LOVE NOW. I am transmitting Love to you now, for this.

Breathe and feel. DEEPLY.

More deeply than you ever have before.

Intend this.

Welcome this, a release and an opening of your Heart.

As pain is released, your heart opens more.

It is only the tightness of holding on to pain that has kept your heart closed.

Feel, cry, and love.

All that you are. All that comes up.

Heaven, often referred to the afterlife, or between lives, is the place of frequency where freedom from the tightness of pain, hurt, regrets, is washed away as the form is let go. There is no pain, after crossing over. No sadness.

It is held in the cellular structure of consciousness.

It is released on earth while you are in your form, for you to experience HEAVEN here.

You do not have to wait to cross over to be free.

You can feel heaven now.

You can let go now.

It not only is safe, it is welcomed as the Highest experience of love, you to you.

Allow, let go, open up, receive. Breathe. Feel your Heart.

The Divine timing is now, I feel so many of you now as this activation is pouring through me, to YOU. For YOU. Yes You. This is for you Dear Angels. For your freedom, your Heaven now, while in form.

I hold you as all is released. This moment is special, sacred, as you are. The Eternal Light that desires to know love and full freedom in that love, while in form.

And all the Angels in Heaven rejoice in this. And those you know in Heaven are watching to. It is a frequency that you are. Minus the tightness, the holding on to.

The freedom that you know, when you let go of all that you have held on to. And you open, fully, to the Love that is present for you NOW.

You illumination. Your Ascension, Your Freedom. Your Love. All Now. Feeling you Now. Feel Your Heart! Feel my Love. Feel me with You.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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