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The Divine Council of Overseers ~ The Activation of Your Blueprint


The Forces of Consciousness, that mix and merge through the unseen worlds of the subconscious, activate EXACTLY as guided, in this tremendously Magical unfolding, that creates ALL experience.

All life experiences play out through profound synchronicity, in ALL moments.

All learning experiences, initiations and day-to-day experiences, set in motion through your Blueprint, that is your inner computer, are all part of the unfolding of your consciousness within you.

What you think about, feel, find, explore, drawn to, are the result of this inner plan, which is the unfolding of the memory held in your subconscious.

When your responses are clear, when your entire 3D data response network no longer is the consciousness you are functioning THROUGH ~ your Consciousness then opens up to You as your Divine Consciousness.

Your Divine consciousness is free from reactive responses.

This inner freedom of consciousness expands your awareness of the Power of the Divine. The Love of the Divine. The Forces and Qualities of the Divine, which is your TRUE Original God Self YOU.

The Light Beings that are the Overseers of ALL consciousness, throughout all the Dimensions, form the Benevolent Councils, that are the regulation teams, that activate, approve and orchestrate the Forces of consciousness.

These Forces of consciousness are Beyond the imagination.

When you are an Initiate of the Divine, these forces of Consciousness, activate within you, as the Divine Supreme Benevolent Love, and Original Source Light, your God Self, that is the Original Divine You. You as your Soul Star Matrix as Light. As a Unique individuation of God. Your Higher Self, your Angelic Self, whatever you want to call this DIVINE You.

As all is unfolding perfectly, even it not to your liking, consciously choosing to focus your awareness on the Divine You, becomes the merging of the consciousness of the form self with the Divine Eternal Light of You. This is the cosmic marriage of spirit and matter.

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within you as your Original Divine Light, then naturally draws to you, in your concrete life, the Joining and merging on all levels of your being (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) you with your Divine Counterpart.

This Heaven on Earth (your Ascension) is truly within you, as the forces of consciousness activate within.

Divine Grace as the Opening of the receptive principle of the Divine Feminine within you, is what activates that which is not yet fully activated within you. You as your fully embodied Divine God Self.

Your Divine God Self already exists, you have been through intense clearing experiences of your consciousness. Now, is the time to receive. Open and receive.

I receive the Highest Grace which fully activates my Highest capacities as my Divine Self, consciously embodied here and now, through the Divine Forces of Consciousness. That live through me, as the Divine God Self, that I Am, now.

I celebrate this Activation, through the turning of the Seasons here on Earth, as the New Beginning, I arrive INTO, fully, NOW.

Feel, and breathe this in.

The Powerful Forces that activate all Consciousness, are the Divine Virtues and Attributes of the Divine. They are the representatives of Benevolent Divinity, in the Divine Council, the overseers, of the Forces of Consciousness.

I hold you in this Activation, this Light, This Divinity, which you ALREADY Are. And So it is! I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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