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Entering the Portal of Your Divinity ~ Exalting the Everyday Practical


Time exists within you as a state of consciousness that anticipates a separate future, based on the idea of separate experiences and memories of a past. There is what appears as a FUTURE timeline. Yet it exists already now.

This future timeline is taking place now, your consciousness is awaiting your expanded state of consciousness; your shift in consciousness, to CONSCIOUSLY experience it.

When we take the everyday ordinary TASKS and move them deeply WITHIN as a state of Divine Consciousness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) we shift our timeline to the NOW.

This is how your Divinity experiences ITSELF. It knows itself in UNION with all aspects of yourself, that occur simultaneously in many parallel worlds and timelines.

Accessing more of your conscious Divinity in form and waking yourself up to your multidimensional consciousness, occurs naturally as you evolve into the present moment, through your heart.

Consciously accelerating your conscious experience of the Divine You, involves your active intention, focus and ATTENTION to the Presence of your Divine Self, in all moments.

Which brings us to the purpose of this writing, activation.

IN all moments…We sit in silence, we listen to audio activations…we surrender, we receive. Then life takes place. The shopping, the cleaning, the chores.

Let us take the DIVINE Presence of our Divinity and PLACE it in an exalted valued and cherished PLACE in our Daily lives, through consciously making all of our daily tasks, DIVINE.

Let us make all things MYSTICAL. Let us make all things a DIVINE Ritual.

Let us step into the timeline where that is so! Where we consciously are aware of LIVING as that. Through the practise of this PRESENCE.

Through the mimicking (may feel like that at first) of a timeline, where ALL moments ARE Mystical, magical, and surreal beyond our imagination.

Let us put the magic back into, how life was created to be.

All changes are WITHIN.

Having the attitude, intention, attention and focus of this way of BEING within, is what LANDS you, so to speak, into the timeline, where that magical life is as natural as breathing.

Speaking of breathing, let us start there NOW.

Feel your heartbeat, WITHIN YOU. Feel your breath within YOU.



Now, let us start with a Sacred Intention, then let us practise this as a WAY of LIVING within US. That sparks the Divine Presence within us through all activities. That begins a new life WITHIN us. Which CHANGES everything.

This is a Game Changer.

I Sacredly Intend, to Live as the Divine Being that I Am already, in all moments. (really feel this in your Heart)

I Sacredly Intend, Focus, Commit, through the practise of my ATTENTION on my DIVINITY, to Become the Conscious Embodiment of my Divinity, Now.

I  OPEN to, all daily tasks, work, chores and the mundane, to become for me the A MAGICAL ritual, in which I sacredly honour my Divinity and Acknowledge its Presence within ME, with me, on ALL levels of my Being, NOW.

I receive this Divine Activation of this increased activated AWARENESS as the Divine DOORWAY and Portal to my experience of my EXALTED Timeline, where all moments are Divinely MAGICAL, now.

I live, breathe, think and feel as MY DIVINE self, my DIVINE EMBODIMENT of my Divine Ascended Being, in ALL moments NOW.

And IT is, as it already is! All NOW, through the Glorious Exaltation of Divine Presence. The Radiant Light of the Eternal, within. United in the Glorious Union, with all timelines, all Now. IN Divine Love and Glory! I love you!

5th Dimensional Consciousness

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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