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The Concept of identity existing apart from its Divine Self only exists in 3D


At the Level of Divine Union “moments” are all planned out and play out.
In a state of consciousness that is Being its Divine Union, through self-love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) exists the total awareness of consciousness playing out in its perfect alignment, as Being One. The plan, the Divine Self, The Blueprint, the Desires, all One. The moments, all that arises, as Being One and the same.
This is not a state of being (ego) a separated Being pondering choices through evaluation of external value. Or a value of a past or future.
Those concepts exist only in the state of perceived separation consciousness, 3D.
The plan, the Self, Divinity all unfolding its plan through you, as you. In all moments.
You Being the Divine Path.
The Path the moment to moment flowing in the moments, are known as you.
That which is and flows and has its Being, is what is, in all moments.
There are no concepts, ideas, should or should Nots at the level of Being in the Divine Union state of consciousness. It is one.
No thinker that wonders of a higher way. Or ponders self-satisfaction or options.
Divine Union is the flow in all moments, that is consciousness knowing itself as the  flow of its consciousness every moment.
In the state of consciousness appearing as separate (3D) it is as if the mind is a being existing as a separate being from Its Divine Self, separate from it’s very own unique Divine Plan. Which through this perceived separation attempts to seek its Union.
This does not exist as the higher levels of consciousness.
It only exists as a concept of an appeared separation in consciousness, that is, 3D.
As it its thought of and perceived identity of separation is  living apart from its true identity. Its true Divine Self.
That is not an illusion.
Rather a frequency of consciousness existing in its perceived separated state of consciousness that knows only that. Knowing, as in experience.
The Divine Self is STILL experiencing itself in all moments in the perfect flow. The 3D consciousness is just not ATTUNED to the awareness of this. 
Tune into those moments.
Notice the flow of the moment.
You are that flow, when you are present.
It is so simple, as it is always here and always present.
That is the wisdom of Being Child Like.
It is always here.
Do not attempt through 3D consciousness to figure this out.
Only in 5th Dimensional Consciousness is the experience known.
Tune into your Heart awareness, to the moment. To self Love.
You do not bypass those painful feelings, or those moments you do not like. You ENTER them. Consciously in Love.
Attune yourself with the intention to receive the knowing of you as your Divine Self. Your Divine Ascended Being. Receive the Hourly Activation attuning you and your DNA to the frequency of Divine Union. Every hour 11 ~ 33 minutes after every hour. Receive. No need to figure out. Be, Breathe, Love yourself, love the pain within you. And Receive.
flowerof life
Eternal Love and Bliss!

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