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ABOUT The Daily Queen of Light Transmission/Activation

L'Aura Pleiadian


THERE Are NO WORDS that Can Describe The EXPERIENCE You will Receive! This is Eternal Light Frequency and Activation in NO Time ~ Yet Throughout Time! 

The Daily 12pm AST (Atlantic Standard Time) Queen of Light ~ Light Activation is a  Frequency Transmission from the Central Sun to you and your cellular consciousness and DNA for your Shift. This includes ALL aspects of your life, including your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

During the Daily Light ~Activation You Receive Cosmic Rays of Light that Awaken Dormant Codes within YOU 

This is ultimately for your Healing, Abundance, and Mastery of Form during this your incarnation through Grace.

Your Frequency ( cells and DNA and Heart) entrain to the Higher Frequency of Harmony,  Divine Love, and Union through the Transmission. These Frequencies adjust themselves specifically to you.

Harmony is Divine Flow, and creates Harmony throughout all aspects of your Life.

This Light includes all Rays of Light, the COSMIC Rays.

The Light transmission is Divine Love, Harmony and Union. God/Goddess Union, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine.

The Central Sun, the Spiritual Sun, is most often experienced as Golden Light, however it carries all the rays of Light, including the Harmony Ray, the Enlightenment Ray and the Bliss Ray.

Your Pineal will activate during the Transmissions, and your Higher Heart will awaken.

The transmission will activate Codes within your Original Blueprint; your life plan for this incarnation. This transmission is beyond time and space, yet includes you and Your form ( cellular consciousness) in time and space.

The “Physical” frequency in your cells and DNA will shift.

DNA Abstract

As you stay in Harmony and move into Greater Heart Awareness, your shift will be with Ease and Grace.

Your life will change, the Old patterns and things connected to those patterns may leave, making room for the New.

Be ready for changes in your life, especially in those areas that you have desired changes in.

It is important to drink  lots of water.

It is important to Ground your Energy Daily.

To help “ground” your new frequency into your everyday awareness I would HIGHLY suggest you keep a “daily journal” of your experiences.  Include your focus and intentions.

Make comments to yourself in this journal how you are doing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. List your intentions in connection to YOUR physical life, your emotional life, your mental life and your spiritual life.

These are the areas that are merging as One consciously. Consider all of those areas when setting intentions.

In this “daily” journal, make notes on how you are feeling, if you are setting intentions, and any subtle body awareness that you are experiencing.

Subtle Body awareness would include vibrations and frequency shifts in awareness. Any Significant dreams and or Spiritual awakening experiences, including kundalini or ascension symptoms, make a note of.

Include, the levels of Harmony or Disharmony you experience. As well as shifts in awareness in consciousness and in the mental body, your thoughts.

Note the Transmissions you are listening to, the water you are drinking, time in nature, etc.

Be as Clear as YOU can in the Now, with what you desire. This will greatly help your Alchemical transformation and shift in frequency.


Helpful things to Know

Whether you are awake or asleep, you will still RECEIVE the FREQUENCIES during the transmission.

You can choose what you DESIRE the Frequency Transmission for ~ Healing, Abundance, Love,  etc.

When choosing intentions Focus and consider ALL all areas of your existence. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

The Light and the Transmission is Divine consciousness and is aware and goes to the areas in your life needed the most, or to where you have placed your specific intention.

You can choose to have WATER charged with these Rays of Light and  Frequencies during the Transmission, and any crystals you have. Set some water aside, either near you or in your fridge for this purpose. Crystals also, have near you or set aside to receive the transmission. Please NOTE, if you are working with crystals also include grounding crystals such as smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline.

The Water that receives the transmission can also be added to your bath water, and used for plants, etc.

The transmission is One hour-long, you can rest and tune in if you like.

The Audio Frequency Transmissions (YouTube)

PLEASE choose the AUDIO Frequency Transmissions on YouTube According to the AREAS you would most greatly benefit from Miracles in Your Life!

You can listen to an Audio Frequency Transmission during the transmission. You can choose ONE specifically for you, what you feel you need the most. Healing, Abundance, Harmony….etc.

More is NOT always better. Go by how you feel. If you are not grounded and are listening to many Frequency Transmissions a Day, take a break or cut back for a day or two.

More Frequency is not always better. As many things are shifting within you. EASE is what you want to focus on.

If you are on Facebook you can join the group ( the way I keep track of all receiving the transmission) the link is below.

Holding you in your Highest Destiny and complete fulfillment on all levels, according to your life plan and design by your Soul.

You are Light

You are eternal Light. You are a Soul that is Source and you are very unique. Your experiences, although similar to others, will also be unique to you. Your unique existences create the frequency of you and influence the way you see and perceive your reality.

Your perceptions of life and how you hold life are shifting. You are adjusting to new ways to anchor in your New reality. This “appears” to take time. However, you are simply passing through time.

Have compassion on this process. Love yourself.

Hold yourself in the Sacredness of Light that you truly are. Take time for you in silence daily. Simply Being.

Stay Present in your heart space and “feel” your pure essence as often as is possible.

Your Sacred Pets

They also love Frequency, Loving harmonious frequency. If you are relaxing during the transmission you may want to have them with you. They too have an eternal Soul and are shifting also, and are VERY sensitive to YOUR Frequency.

Stay Present and Focused on Your Body

Anchoring in your New Frequency and Expanded awareness involves Being Present in your Body. Not escaping the body.

This Shift is in and through Your Body. Practise staying present. Practise being more and more AWARE of the Sensations and vibrations you feel throughout Your ENTIRE Body.

These sensations will act as the NOW Anchor in your awareness for the New You. The Divine You!

Invocation to The Light of Your Soul



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