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Change is Inevitable~5th Dimensional Consciousness



In the Child Like Nature of the highest Frequency of Being, it is all Play. And Freedom is the Playground of playing. Freedom to Be, Freedom to choose without a right or wrong. And the Freedom to just Be and Do spontaneously. So this is your Mastery. You become a Child Again. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Master becomes the rarified consciousness of the Child Like Being. And The Master Plays. Taking it all in, and Just moving in flow, from moment to Moment.

The Consciousness Shift is showing up as the External Changes that are showing up on Planet Earth. This MORPHING like birthing pains, may not come easily for many. YET it is morphing, it is  the Cauldron (the playground of Earth)  HELD in its own Alchemy, and there are NO mistakes.

Embracing the Changes ~ Just means you play differently Now. LET GO of how that has to look. JUST continue to PLAY. To BE. Trust and KNOW that you ARE exactly where you need to BE in order to BE Transformed with Greater and Greater inner consciousness shifts. This is YOUR consciousness Attuning  to the Frequency Shifts, of 2012, of the Gamma Rays, of The Blood Moons (still unfolding) and Be PRESENT as the Acceptance that embraces the revolutionary Changes and Shifts in Consciousness.

NO MATTER what you face, Accept, Allow, Be, Play, Honour, Love and TRUST that beyond your minds thinking, and concepts and judgments there is A WAY. And the way is THROUGH Acceptance, non-resistance, and non grasping. YOU just PLAY. Play your way through the changes that are NOW showing up all around you FROM WITHIN YOU. And LOVE What is. Because it is ALL THAT IS. Critical Mass has been reached. Enter The Change through GRACE and Acceptance.

I hold YOU in this your Transformation, you may Attune to my Frequency through my writing and Daily Activation and my Audio Frequency Transmissions on YouTube. This shifts your Consciousness through Attunement, and  you then Resonate with the Frequency of the ETERNAL YOU. The you that exists ALREADY in 5th Dimensional Consciousness!


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Dear Souls!




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