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Celebrate Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Do not wait to celebrate your life. Celebrate NOW all moments..

Celebrate You.

Being alive.

The Eternal God Self You.

THE Love ~ that you are ~ and have always been.

The Union ~ Divine Masculine and Feminine, joined as ONE.

You do not need to wait till everything seems or feels perfect on the “outside” to celebrate NOW. What you will find if you let go of waiting and do Celebrate NOW (all you areΒ grateful for Now) is your Gratefulness (when practised OFTEN) becomes a state of Acceptance and Love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that dissolves any and all sense of Lack (waiting for what you do not have) and becomes your New Foundation of Being ~ that continues to expand in every moment.

This expansion ~ is your Acceptance and Allowance for what is. Even if “what is” NOW makes no sense to you. Even if what is does not match what you “think” you want. Even if it seems you are still suffering.

IT dissolves the attachment to an identity that was never satisfied with NOW.

And ALLOWS this NOW (through love and acceptance ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness) to BE the PORTAL of a Deepening of Awakening that you CONTINUOUSLY Enter into ~ as YOU continue to Transform in all MOMENTS.

There is NO End to this Transformation and Expansion.

You Arrive ~ you Expand, continuously.

So do not wait for an Arrival that is an END.

Instead ARRIVE and Expand your Consciousness CONSTANTLY.

That is ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

And that is YOUR Consciousness~ in a Constant Transformation of BEING ~ YOUR Eternal Presence ~ Divine and Whole.

Your Divine Presence ~ Your inner Child Within, Loved!

Rest in your Eternal Presence ~ the feeling Β Nature of You, that is Receptive and Open and Child Like. And Loved with Kindness, Gentleness and Honour.

And Celebrate NOW ~ (with all the excitement and enthusiasm you can muster up) as you continue to move deeply into your Ever Deepening Conscious Expansion of your Consciousness.

This is Living in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. And The Arrival (yours) is in every Moment ~ as You continue to Expand ~ into ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Be Present with your Love, with your Heart. With you as Light.

In the Eternal I Am, Divine Glory of All That is, I hold you, in the Eternal Light of Your Soul.




Eternal Love and Bliss!



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