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Loving your Body ~ Loving what is NOW ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

September 2 2016L'Aura

Loving what is unconditionally, is not a pause button, that we eventually Love when we “feel” good enough. That is the ego, that always lives in “conflict” where everything is never quite enough. Not quite enough. Where you desire something “other” that what is NOW.

Everything that you are shifting through, transforming through, include through the consciousness of the form.

The form exists as the holographic image,  in a different dimension than your Higher Divine Self.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is the application of unconditional love from another DIMENSION into THIS dimension. Into and through the form.

Identification with the form as BEING YOU is identifying with the limited ego self that thrives on conflict, and exists only in the waiting. Never now.

Identification with your Divine Self (letting go of forgetfulness) and living as though you are your Divine Self (which you are) and applying the unconditional love that your Divine self, only knows. Is what shifts your conscious awareness and your form into Being fully Ascended.

This is the Transcendence  of Limitation.

As you let go of your habits of complaints, judging, comparison, and VICTIM consciousness, you let go of the lower self being in control of who you think you are.

You then fully enter your HEART. Which only lives in the NOW.

This NOW is the only Dimension that your Ascension exists.

This Now is the only Dimension where you exist as your Higher Self.

To access this NOW you must APPLY 5th Dimensional Consciousness, unconditional LOVE to NOW. Consciously.

Now. No more victim, no more when….no more if only.


Are you going to go all the way with this? TRULY apply this LOVE.

To YOU. Face the parts you are not loving within yourself. Those are the areas your ego still has its hold on you.

LOVE yourself NOW.

Then you enter Eternity, now.

You enter your Heart Now.

You enter BEING Fully the experience of the Higher Dimensions merged with the consciousness of your Form.

You Enter the mystical Realms of Transcendence ~ set free from identification with being the ego.

Being Divinity EMBODIED in FORM.

All Now, ONLY Now. Enter this space of unconditional Love and then you will truly know your TRUE Divine Self.

Relax breathe and receive. (slow down)

I consciously Love my Divine Self, now.

I consciously love my form, now.

I consciously identify with my Divine Self, now.

I am grateful for my form, now.

I honour, Love, respect my being here, my vehicle (my form) in all ways, now.

I have let go of waiting till things are the way I want them to be, in order to LOVE myself, now.

I let go of the wants of the past and future, where my ego only exists (in conflict with now) I live through my DIVINE SELF that is ALWAYS present in the eternal NOW.

I love unconditionally Now.

And so it is! Loving what is NOW. No hiding in those areas of conflict any more. Being set free to truly KNOW yourself as the Divine Ascended Being that you are. The Alignment and Embodiment of YOUR Divinity. Now.  I love you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Nameless Eternal Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The Words you Believe you are reading here, ARE NOT what is here.
You have created your own world of Beliefs and meanings that are unique to your Frequency.
What you believe you see and read, is ONLY what you are experiencing.
There is only LIGHT. This Light in its pure state is Love.
Light of varying frequencies, creating a holographic experience of Being here on earth, being present and joining at this meeting place. Called Planet Earth.
Each person Being, is having their own unique experience. 
Experiencing their own unique vibrational dimension and frequency. Fulfilling their unique Soul Plan.  
The name dimensions and the numbers and levels attributed to them, are just constructs and a way to refer to something. The title Higher Self, is also a label and title, of an experience. The only way to know something is to exist consciously, in that state. There are no names for pure experience. We title them to communicate with others.
I Have no name in the Higher Frequencies of Being and Divine Light. On Planet Earth names are used to be able to refer to someone or something.

These Higher Frequencies of Light may be GIVEN Attributes or Virtues, associated with this pure Being. Words  simply point to the experience of “Being” the Pureness of Light in its original State.

Even the name and words I AM is a construct that used to refer to the experience of the Divine Presence of All That is ~ that has NO name. 

Someone asked me recently about names. Asking if a name was a frequency.

Everything is a frequency. Each name, each utterance, each thought is a frequency.

Yet, the frequency vibration of something that appears outside of oneself, is experienced through each UNIQUE frequency filter and dimension (consciousness of the one experiencing it) that the consciousness is functioning through.

You cannot know a unique frequency, unless you are it. Being it. It is all reference. Until one is PURELY Being that. And in the pure state awareness of being all that you Are, there are no names. It is just simply Being.

I AM Being, I AM everything, yet those words are just leading you to the experience of this. YOU cannot know something unless you experience it. And it is the EXPERIENCE that is the KNOWING.

Names are used on Earth and other realms of Being.  Names are used in addressing people (Beings) that in truth are only Light at the higher frequencies. But here on Earth represent a unique frequency with is their  individualized Being frequency, that appears to be Embodied in a Form. (simply words)

NO One can know a Being (person on Earth or any other Being) through a name, which includes a name given on Atlantis and Mu and the Pleiades etc. Names and titles are JUST THAT.  Names and titles are simply Place Holders pointing to the experience of that Being.  Knowing a name, does not mean you KNOW the BEING that the name is referring to.

NO ONE can KNOW a PRESENCE ~ Unless they Are That PRESENCE.

Names on Earth as used as though, if you know the name you KNOW the person. NAMES just point to the energy of BEING represented in a FORM.

At the Heart of it all, is the experience of the HIGHEST Purest Frequencies of Love. This is the pure Original Light. 

You can call this Source Light, God, etc. (a name of reference)  it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is a State of pure original light and Being.

As you become more PRESENT and AWARE in the PURENESS of your Being, where all you know yourself to BE is the pure child like nature. Then, you will Know the experience of  Being the Heaven within that you have sought.

It is a Sacred Eternal Space of BEING, being the Love that is your Pure Nature, then you live in your arrival. In the pureness of each moment.

No agenda. Simply the being that which pours through in all moments as the spontaneous flow of love and adventure. Which is unique for everyone. 

Everything then aligns to match the pureness of your unique play (whatever that is) specifically designed for you.

Your Soul Blueprint. Your Unique design.

And in this do I hold you. In the Divine Love, Glory and Light, of my Eternal Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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The Miracle of Being Present~5th Dimensional Consciousness



Living in the Wonder, Beauty and Magic of the Moment is truly living in the realm of the Miraculous. You are open, you arrived and you are Here. You are Present. You consciously WOKE up to the NOW.

You are Being Graced and you GRACE everything with your Light, with your Presence. And although Being like a Child may be New to you and is Not widely Known as the Norm here on Planet Earth~ it is the Norm in the Higher Frequencies of Light. In the Light of your Soul. In other existences that are your Coexistences in Parallel Worlds, other Universes and More.

This Earth part of your Consciousness is the Nodal Point where ALL OF your Consciousness existences and Your Soul, Align themselves as ONE, as you Enter FULLY into the Present Moment, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Which is the Eternal Alignment, with the TRUE YOU. The Eternal YOU, that is NOT separated from anything.

Being Present is the Realm and Frequency of Unconditional Love. It exists NOW. It always existed, and was always there for you to arrive. Now, You are fine tuning your Frequency Dial, so to speak, adjusting yourself to this NEW Way of Being.

There is NO Entry without the Love, Acceptance, of ALL That is NOW. You cannot Wait to Arrive, there is no such thing. You Open, You Love yourself, You Accept your LIFE how it is now, you Love your Life Now. You are no longer waiting for FUTURE events to change to then one day arrive.

The ENTRY IS the Love and Acceptance you are applying to Yourself and all aspects of Your Life.

This is the Miracle of Being Present. It is truly all Perfect. When you see and Know this, your Life is Magical. It is beautiful, it is Bountiful, and it is Miraculous. Enter, Enter, Enter. Enter the Moment. Enter the Miraculous, Enter the 5th Dimension, Enter Now. And continue to Enter. It is all New and it is Now, in All Moments.

Gift yourself with your Presence, and gift all life with your presence, and Life Gifts You, for Arriving.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Photo Courtesy of Endre Balogh~


Being Present ~ Now


Being Present ~ is Being Here Now! Right NOW!

It is NOT Living for a Future that never Arrives
Living Based on the Past!

Being Present is not ~ I am doing this to start this for this future change,
I am moving forward by doing this, etc.

It is ALL NOW.

It is MORE than words ~ it is BEING ~ NOW.

I Am the Love that I Desire Now ~
I Am the Great Bliss that I Desire NOW ~ it is all NOW.

Being Present is the Eternal Union with your Soul.

Eternal Love and Bliss ~ Now!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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