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What is Being a Human Being to YOU and Being the Eternal

IN response to a question about BEING MORE HUMAN….

I will write more on uniqueness ~ Beings and being on Earth in a so-called form, what a form is and Being what is called Human.

I have written a lot on the ORIGINAL Light, emanating from the VOID….and Being Ascended. Which exists NOW.

I do not know what your beliefs are about BEING a BEING in a human form, which is ALL Light (not solid) ~ I emanate as what appears as allowing a form to function (and co-exist in many existences at the same so-called time) yet my Light surrounds my form and the Earth and the Universe.

SORT of like a virtual Reality of sorts throughout the Dimensions and parallel worlds.

I view life on Earth through a temple I exist in on the Central Sun. I see things HERE from there, yet there is no distance or time.

The question is what is BEING more human to you?

IS it how I know being human to be?

Having a form that functions? Is that what you think being human is?

Or Allowing my form to function here….through my LIGHT that surrounds the Universe?

OR are you referring to something else?

What is Human to YOU?

Anyone reading this, here is a question for you ~ have you let go of any beliefs that limit the grand Glory of being a Divine Light Being?

Always the heart only knows what is truth.

The Heart accesses the knowing of eternity.

Live through your Heart.

The larger picture has always been this on Earth ~ 

ALL Beings participating in the Earth Program ~ to Be consciously the ETERNAL Being that they are on Earth HERE now.

In love and BLISS with The Divine Council of Overseers.

As above, so Below… Eternity!

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