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Receiving the Higher Frequencies of Light



Your ability to Stay OPEN to Surrender to RECEIVE is the Feminine Principle which has not been experienced a lot here on Earth, that ALLOWS you to Vibrate and Resonate with the Higher Frequencies of LIGHT, that you already ARE, but that you appear to be separated from, which is the Illusion.

And All of these Higher Frequencies are coming in through MANY GRACE PORTALS, so to speak, these Are the Gamma Rays, these Are the Shifts of the 4th Blood Moon, these Are the Higher Light Frequencies of the Alignment with the Pleiades in 2012 and these Are the frequencies that are gifted to you, through my words, through my Audio Frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Activations and Initiations, and through The Daily Queen of Light ~ Light Activation.

BE Open, Receptive, Receive , Embrace the Feminine Principle, of receiving, and allow yourself the GLORY to be Attuned to your Divine True Nature.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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