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You Are an Avatar ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


In timelessness you were created.

As Light you emerged from the Void being birthed through the Sacred Fire of Creation, as your Soul Star Matrix.

In no time, you already exist in the fullest and HIGHEST of you as an Avatar Being.

You that descended into form as your Original Soul Star ~ God Self, Christ Self, Avatar Being. The God you that descended.

Let us take this Original Feminine Aspect of Creation, the Sacred Fire, and re activate once again, you as your Original Avatar, Holy Higher Self.

Within your Blueprint, in the Central Sun, is the Glorious aspect of your Original Light, waiting for your conscious return, to the God you the Ascended You living in theΒ Golden Age.

The Avatar You.

The Holy Christ You, waiting only for its full activation once again,Β as you were created AS.

This is the return to the YOU as the Divine Light of God that you Are already.

Let us breathe in this Divine Feminine Fire of Creation, the activation aspect of creation, that activates the Elohim Plan. The Original Creation for the Sacred Beings on Earth, that are the God Beings, that descended.

Let this Fire of Creation birth you again through your Soul Star Light purifying your memory and Blueprint, to your Beginning. Your Original Light.

Let us NOW Receive this Activation, as our conscious Participation, with all the Great Beings Present in this Activation, through the Central Sun. The Pleiades, the Pleiadian Council, and Council of Overseers and the Great Beings and Teachers of Love from Venus, here with us NOW.

The Original Fire Once Again, IS NOW Activating and Initiating at a deeper level, all beings on Earth, as the Angelic Consciousness of the First Wave of Ascension.

NOW preparing your Form, your cellular consciousness, to receive this Sacred Initiatory Fire as the FULL return to the GLORY of GOD ~ that descended, into your form.

Receive, Breathe in this Sacred Eternal Fire of the Divine Feminine, being activated at the Base of your Spine, spiralling up beyond your Soul Star Chakra, into your Original Soul Star Matrix, descending once again, as YOUR Pure Original Light, NOW consciously into your form.

As you breathe this Sacred Fire, feel the Flooding of your Consciousness return to the state of Consciousness of your AVATAR SELF.

Over the next few days, FEEL and KNOW yourself, as your God Self, The Avatar you, descended into form.

ALL the Beings and Councils are PRESENT, and with GRACE, pour out a magnitude of Blessings, not yet known on Earth.

Receive and Receive.

Breathe the Fire and Receive.

You ARE Avatar, YOU are God! Receive, and BE BLESSED! Now!


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