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Your Soul Star Creation Matrix ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.



So HERE you are, this MOMENT, here. I am Happy you are HERE. You have arrived. Your Journey has included many ups and downs, and NOW it is the Moment, you enter more deeply into the awareness of YOU. It is kind of funny in some ways, because you have never been apart from yourself. YET with all due respect, it has seemed that way. And in a realm that includes a wide spectrum of frequencies in a dual world you call Planet Earth, each reality is as valid to the consciousness that is experiencing it, as any other.

Entering as BEING your Original Star Creation Matrix (as in the title of this light frequency transmission) is a conscious choice, and a preference, if you would, to return to the Original You before you ever experienced a reality that included you experiencing a separation from that you have never been separated from.

Embodying this consciousness may be considered Avant-Gard, to some~ the New way. Β Yet it is the Original Way. The Way you were Created to BE. When your Soul was first created, there was no masculine and feminine. You existed as Light (as you still do) in the form of your own Original Star Creation Matrix. From this your own unique Soul and Blueprint were formed. This Original Star Creation Matrix, was created through your Eternal Light, and even though there was an Origin POINT of this Matrix, your Source Light~existed always as Source Light(All That is) beforeΒ your Star Creation Matrix “Emanated” as Your Soul.

This Light of your Original Soul, is the 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Miracles of Being that I am referring to, when I say, a return to your Original State. And yet, since all Realities are respected as such, this may sound new to you, before you remember. Β This Creation Light merging of your Original Soul Matrix, WITH the consciousness in your cells of light now, is the Alchemy of your Return to your Original Consciousness. Β That is your Ascension that you speak of. This is your God~Like Being, that is You as the Original Emanation of You. Your Soul Presence.

When you enter BEING PRESENT in the Now moment, you enter the realm of all possibilities. This realm is the frequency of Unconditional Love (which is 5th Dimensional Consciousness) and instantaneous Manifestation. Because it is the realm of your Original Light. Your Original Star Creation Matrix, YOUR POINT OF ORIGIN, which you BEGAN creating through. This is your ‘Whole” State and the Union, that exists, that you have longed for.

As you read these words, you receive the Activations for your remembering. And as you continue to Transition in your AWARENESS to your Original Light as Consciousness, you embody more and more of your ORIGINAL LIGHT. And you enter into, the most Glorious experience of YOU~ far beyond anything you can even imagine in this Moment. This is your Destiny. This has been your Journey over countless incarnations. Β  And Now the curtain opens, and this is your Arrival. The Great Revealing of YOU. And in this I Hold you, In the Eternal Light, Grace and Unconditional Love, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss~ Dear Souls of Light!

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