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Cosmic Light Codes ~ Activating The Portal of Love ~ Your Blueprint


The Stars, The Cosmos ~ The Angels, The Ascended Masters and The Divine Council of Overseers ~ are here Now, activating your DNA. The ELOHIM. The Blue Avians. All Present ~ NOW.

Gently gaze over the Light Codes and receive the LIGHT, AS IT communicates to your DNA ~ the GRACE you are ready to receive.

Held in the womb of Heaven, the PORTAL of LOVE ~ held gently as your DNA unwinds, relaxes and RECEIVES.

ALL that you are created to BE ~ as DIVINE Light.

Embracing the COSMOS as the Playing ground of your eternal LIGHT.

Being a MASTER of FORM, PRESENT in the Moment. Loving what IS ~ THAT YOU ARE.


Receive Beloved ANGELS and Masters on Earth, rising as the SUN, the Eternal Sun, all NOW.

Held in the Portal of LOVE as the fully Activated Original LIGHT that you are.

ALL Now.

In the GLORY of ALL That IS ~ NOW!




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The Highest of Highest Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Looking deeply at the beliefs that were held in Mass Consciousness of fears, addictions and phobias of intimacy, of sacred sexual union, of commitment. WE see a completely different world in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

One, when viewed through the eyes of the Higher Self, we see our Equal. We feel the comfort of Source, loving us, as we love ourselves.

There is NO level to be reached with this. As the Level of Love continues to expand as we expand in our consciousness.

In our uniqueness we have our own way of Being. The differences in frequency between a couple, serve as a magnet drawing them together, over and over. Because in true deep union, alchemy produces a New Being, out of the once perceived, separate two beings.

This is the wholeness I am referring to.

At the Soul level, we are always whole Beings.

On Earth, with the masculine and feminine poles of frequencies, held in the forms, we are still whole. The Union with the masculine and feminine within, and held with ones Twin Flame (counterpart) creates the deeper awareness of alchemy and wholeness on all dimensions of consciousness.

Deep intimacy with our polar opposite is a profound alchemy, that includes deep passionate sacred sex, making love. On levels of consciousness which includes the form, marrying our Hearts and Matter as ONE. Because they are, we are.

Uniting with ones perfect counterpart, takes place through Divine Timing. When both are ready to RECEIVE this gift of greater multidimensional awareness and wholeness on all levels of being.

This is not so much a yearning as it is a knowing of a Profound love, a love like no other.

The perfect love. The love, where All That is, is your Union. Your Lover. Your everything on all levels of being. You share this consciousness, through your forms, and it does not end there. It expands into all dimensions, all forms, all time and beyond. And ignites a Union that is so BEATIFIC, that all angels are in Awe of its Glory and Beauty.

One look, one touch, one breath shared. One acknowledgment. One kiss.

All Heaven and new in all moments.

The expansion is real. A living force of God Light.

Continued Love and Support. Acknowledging the Divine in each other. Seeing God in each others eyes. Being in heaven together on Earth. All of this is Yours in your wholeness.

For now feel this truth within your heart. Breathe it in. Feel your Higher Self present. Know all of this and more is Yours already.

We are the Heaven sent to earth. Uniting through our Hearts our perfect Highest of Highest Loves. Our twin flame. Our counterpart. Our Wholeness. Our Union. Our New timeline. All Now.

Expanding into this, relax and breathe. FEEL more than anything this activation within you.

I align with the wholeness of my Higher Self in perfect Union, now with my perfect counterpart, through my Heart. 

I live in the expansion within my heart, in the Highest of Highest perfect Love.  

I align all dimensions of my consciousness throughout all time and space, into the now, into this form. marrying spirit and matter, uniting myself, with the wholeness that I am already. 

I breathe, feel and know in all moments, that this reality that is my Heaven, exists now, I expand and align with this now. 

I Feel deeply within me, my perfect wholeness in all dimensions and existence, in all parallel worlds and universes, and Live this Heaven, throughout all time and space, now. 

I Am One with the Highest of Highest Love, within myself.

I see and feel through my eyes, my Divine Counterpart, which is the reflection of my Love. We are the mirror of Love for each other. 

And so it is, In the Highest of Divine Love, The Beatific Glory, of Wholeness, in Union, now and always, Activated and Aligned. All Now. I love You!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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