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Everything Happens for a Reason~5th Dimensional Consciousness



What if every single event, circumstance, and people, are all there for a reason. What if all of your Feelings are there for a reason, even the ones that you do not like or enjoy?

What if all the events of your life are playing out through a Universe (your Soul) that is the observer for you on behalf of the you that “thinks” it is separate, in order to help you unearth within you, an expanded awareness of the Eternal Love of You.

Would you then conspire to Know yourself? To observe yourself. To Be the investigator of you and your behaviours? Of your circumstances? Of your feelings? Of What is really going on, and what is it that you are Being Shown through these experiences?

It is liberating when we recognize, that every experience, is SPEAKING to us.

To awaken.

What if all the things you think needs to be fixed, only desires to be accepted.  What if You already were you Soul and you didn’t know it.

What if the God ~ Soul of you, wants you to notice this.

And what if the WAY to know this, was through Loving all of your Experiences.

Pure Love is unconditional Acceptance.

So that when that ONE thing happens again in your experience (that you don’t like)  you Love it, instead of hating it, and then it never who’s up again. Because it was only there as a way of speaking to you, to SHOW you those areas that are not yet loved, within you.

So that you wake up, and BE the Soul of You. Be the Love of You.

I love all things that happen in my experience.

I no longer want to harm myself.

I don’t have to like what is revealed through my experiences ~ but I will trust and KNOW the Source of me (Universe, Soul, God) is showing me something. Showing me what desires to be Loved. Not pushed away, within myself.

When we face guilt, pain, sadness, as THE WAY TO love ourselves MORE, we see why it was there all along.

Those people we believed harmed us, were only the Gift Horses ~ of the Great revealing our Souls had  planned for us. TO see what we were not loving within ourselves.

I no Longer want to hurt myself.

I no longer want to hide from what is revealed  to me in all moments.

When I love, that is me uniting with the Soul of Love within myself.

When I judge and blame people, and not forgive people who played their role in revealing to me WHERE I am Not Loving myself ~ then I am not Loving myself.

I choose to love myself.

I choose to not harm myself.

I choose to See the Light of me everywhere in all circumstances as the way I am loving myself, and no longer harming myself.

I Live every moment as if I am my Eternal Soul. Even if I don’t know it yet.

I will love all parts of me, and all circumstances till I arrive at this liberated KNOWING.

The LOVED parts, become the awakened parts.

You are being consciously, glued back together, in awareness, THROUGH LOVE.

The separated parts, are the parts waiting to be Loved. To join the Love Party and Celebration.

The CONSCIOUS you that no longer desires to harm yourself, becomes the Observer.

And soon the Soul ~ AWARENESS of you is Awakened and Whole.

Restored to the knowing of itself, as the Eternal Being, that it is.

The DIVINE Eternal YOU. That is known within itself, as the Unconditional LOVE, Of All That is. And in this, do I hold you.



Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Change your Response to Life and Enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

Take every thought, memory, emotion, the idea of a Past, the wait for a Future that never arrives, and all of your sufferings, judgements, guilt, sadness, anger and hate, and lay them on the Altar and Crucible of Acceptance in the Now Moment.

This is an application of Consciousness, that literally dissolves the old Consciousness, and allows you to step into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Consciously. Free and Empty. And Present. 

Acceptance is the Application of the New 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Unconditional Love, that when applied,  literally dissolves the old Paradigm. 

You cannot change the old paradigm within you, with the same Consciousness that created it. 

Each experience is an opportunity to do this. You observe yourself. You observe your thoughts, you observe your emotions, and you OWN  up to them. AND as you do this WITH 100 percent Honesty, all will be Transformed, through the Crucible of Acceptance.

I Accept that I am not happy and don’t know how to do this.

I Accept that I have fear about being ready for Ascension.

I Accept that I don’t feel worthy.

I Accept that I only want what I want.

I Accept that I let it all go now.

I Accept that I am Freeing myself.

I Accept that I Accept, even those things I did not want to accept or admit about myself.

You ARE Loving yourself and releasing yourself from the Old Paradigm of Consciousness into 5th Dimensional Consciousness. You do this Consciously. 

What you resist, persists.

What you Accept dissolves.

This Crucible of Acceptance is literally available to you every moment to apply to ALL OF YOUR experiences, including what you perceived as the Past and future that never arrived. 

Let go of all judgments of how your life is and how you want it to be and accept HOW your Consciousness THROUGH your life experiences, has brought you to this NOW moment, and how all of it is there for a reason, for your Transformation.  This is your allowance of your Transformation to 5th Dimensional Consciousness through the TRANSFORMATION OF  YOUR RESPONSES TO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, as the WAY THIS  is happening for YOU NOW. As The WAY you are dissolving your Old way of Being, and the WAY you are entering and enter fully, 5th Dimensional Consciousness Now.

I am Literally Dissolving my old way of Being.

I am literally dissolving my attachment to a Past.

I am literally entering the NOW MOMENT.

I Am literally dissolving my attachment to a future that never arrived.

I Now accept all that life brings me and has brought me AS THE Way this is happening for me Now.

And As the Way I am dissolving the Old Paradigm of Consciousness within me as I enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Now.

I hold you in this, In 5th Dimensional Consciousness Now, Your Ascension Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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