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New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 ~ Heavens Gate ~ A Reset


Wow! With the intensity of the recent Eclipses (and the heavy effect of a powerful Square) we NOW have this most Beatific and powerful New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th, 2016 at 2:38 pm ADT we have a Heavens Gate Portal opening, auspicious Grace Blessing, for you. Time to enter your Heart Space and enter your inner Chamber ~ Heavens Gate and receive your Reset of Consciousness.

Halloween, Hallows Eve (Samhain) ~ is less than 24 hours after the New Moon, October 31st, from sunset on the 31st till sunset November 1st. This is a magical transformational opening, within your own consciousness, as the powerful effects of the New Moon in Scorpio will play out in its momentum, till the next New Moon.

What are you intentions? What are you Beliefs? Now is the time to change them through your inner awareness, that all of your thoughts, feelings and actions, flow through you as the result of your unique Blueprint and the memories you hold within your own consciousness computer.

The Cosmic Computer (Morphogenic Field) you are within, playing out those memories, till your inner computer programming (your consciousness) is RESET to the Original LIGHT YOU!

Free from distortions of consciousness that bring up for you, the results of your previous programming as memory.

Once again all NEW MOONS are NEW Beginnings.

This opening in consciousness, Heavens Gate Portal ~ Reset, is a profound initiation, with Pluto playing its powerful role in your inner transformation ~ THROUGH the Cosmic Computer, which you are inside of.

This field of consciousness is experiencing a profound in initiation process that is your Ascension. The Collective subconscious and its memories related to all fear based thought forms are arising to be released.  The Presidential Elections in the United States, is helping with this clearing of memories.

The impact of this New Moon lasting 4 weeks, with The Sun and Moon Conjunct Mercury,  will bless all those attuned willingly with this Cosmic Opening, to a New Level of Consciousness. Accessing within themselves, a Heavens Gate Portal and a personal and Collective Reset.

OPEN to this NOW, the impact may be felt now.

Consciously prepare yourself to get access to this Portal within your own Heart consciousness.

Set the intention.

Set time aside to receive.

Attune to the Cosmic Computer, to which you are inside, and allow this reset take place within your own inner world, as the Gift and Grace of God, at your own Heavens Gate.

This Portal is real. It is love and Grace.

It is your Heaven within you.

It is your Original State of Being.

It is profound and it is Divine.

You are a part of this Originally. As the Divine God self that you ARE.

You are Light and Divinity.

Open and Receive. All NOW.

I Open and Activate your Blueprint, in the Alignment of the Cosmic Divine Light, that you are held in consciousness within. And So it is Beloved Angels. All Now. I Am with you, I love you.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!




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Fall Equinox, September 22nd, 2016 ~ Enter the Portal of Stillness Within


The Equinox ~ Equal Day and Night. The Stillness. The magic within the stillness. September 22, 2016, at 11:21 am ADT the Fall Equinox, going deeper within. Deeper into the portal of stillness, your Ascension and Transformation.

For those of you experiencing the Spring Equinox, feel your arising and awakening from your deepness, within.

This is a PORTAL and opening for you and your Heart. To go deeper within. To enter more deeply into the magic of your inner Transformation. Your Union, within.

Going deeper through the Portal of your Original Light, your Soul Star Matrix, receiving and activating all the activated Light Codes held in your Original Blueprint. Your Cosmic computer. Now, through this stillness.

Feel, how time stands still within you.

When you breathe in this stillness, focus your awareness on the STILLNESS between each Breath. After you inhale and before your exhale. After you exhale and before your inhale.Pause, breathe and feel.

Feel how Light Bathes your awareness, your union within. The peace within. The Divine Masculine and Feminine UNITES within. Light and Dark, Above and Below, within and without. Subconscious and conscious.

In the INNER stillness, UNITES.  Feel it.

Feel your Divine Presence permeate all matter around you. The objects in your sight. The air you are breathing. The stillness. Your Consciousness. Feel this now. This is the essence of your entrance into the portal of your Soul Star Matrix, the stillness of your Original LIGHT, as a Light Being. As a Divine Angel.

Your Subconscious mind unites with your conscious mind, through your Divine Blueprint. All unfolds through your Cosmic Computer. Feel your Presence in the Stillness. OF you. The Divine You. Your Sacred Higher Self.

This is the magic of the Equinox. The portal of consciousness between time. Which UNITES the polar opposite within. The Masculine and Feminine, no time and time. Your Spirit and Divinity and your Form.

Enter this portal between each breath. Now.

Enter this portal consciously during the Equinox.

Go deeper within to Activate your Divinity. Now.

Entering this space now, in no time. We embrace the Divine Origins of Our Original Light. Our Soul Star Matrix. Consciously enter this space now as you pause between each breath and read these words, which are an activation for you. Beyond time and space, yet here, now.

I consciously open to my Divine Qualities of consciousness, that help me to enter the Higher Dimensions of Awareness, through all Portals, that allow me to know myself as my Divine Higher Self, in form. Now. (feel)

I consciously receive this Divine Light as the Fully Awakened and Ascended Being, that I Am already, now. (feel and pause between each breath)

I consciously feel the sacredness in all that I feel, think and in all of my daily actions. I feel my Divine Self, function through me, as me, Now.

I Enter the Portal of Stillness in this Sacred Equinox, that awakens my awareness that pulsates through me and surrounds me, and permeates all matter, Now. (feel)

I receive and feel the Divine Grace of my fully Activated conscious and subconscious awareness within me, Untied in the Holy Union, of Spirit and matter, as my Divine Original Light and Presence, that I Am Now.

Feel and Receive. This Sacred Portal of Stillness, which is the Union that is always present, within you.

Your Original Light, Your Ascension. Your Divinity, Now.

In the Holy Grace of Divinity, all merciful and Loving. That I Am Now, Heaven on Earth. So it is ~ Divine Angels, Soul Star Matrix of Divine Original Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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