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New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29th, 2016 ~ Dimensional Shift Within


A New Beginning a POWERFUL Shift!

November 29th, 2016 at 8:18 am AST. The Hourly “Divine Ascended Being Activation” is During the New Moon.! Every 11 ~ 33 Minutes after the hour!

A New Door Opens! A relationship? A Powerful Door. Are you open to receive? This receiving is within you. The Sun and Moon conjunct.

A Dimensional Shift ~ Within. Within YOU, your consciousness.

All New Moons are new beginnings and last until the next New Moon. The most powerful impact is often felt within the first two weeks as the energies build up till the Full Moon.

This New Moon conjunct Juno (which is an Asteroid) relates deeply to how we love. How we love ourselves and love our Beloved ONE. Everything is a reflection of our inner consciousness. Conjunct Antares (a fixed star) how intense will this be for YOU?

Are you wide OPEN for a timeline shift? A Dimensional shift within YOU?

You, your relationships, everything around you is a mirror of the you inside. What you are going through is playing out through your own unique blueprint. The memories of distortion or the Higher frequencies of the Light you are as your Higher Self.

Everything is inside us, and this too, is symbolic of our uniqueness.

New beginnings or endings with this New Moon? Engagements, separations, new partners….it all begins within you.  The Frequency you ARE and what it is, for you to experience. Next, Now. As an inner frequency. That frequency that is you. Your Blueprint, where you are and what you are going through.

Is all now.

At the Highest levels that is.

Attune to the highest level of YOU consciously, through being present and open to receive.

Neptune Square this New Moon. Infinite possibilities of expansion, as you open and release memories (through being present) that have played a role in keeping you in 3D.

Hope to cope with this intense New Moon. The ONLY way through is THROUGH.

Resistance is painful.

The Present moment, through observing, you may ride the waves of intensity and come out TRANSFORMED.


Filled with intense LOVE of the DIVINE Beloved. You.

Listen to this powerful activation included.

It will begin a powerful transformation.

Into the unknown.

The unknown not yet expanded into YOU, the so-called future timeline you.

All accessed in unconditional Love.

All Now.

This New Moon.

I am with you! Even NOW.


Eternal Expansion! Heaven on Earth!




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New Moon in Sagittarius December 11th, 2015


With the Powerful Frequency changes of Ascension on September 27th, this New Moon, December 11th, 2015 at 6:29am AST ~ once again, offers the New Beginning as you continue to transform through your consciousness, into the Eternal Love and Acceptance (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that you already Are.New Moons are New Beginnings and this one is powerful.

This New Moon is in Sagittarius and with an activated Uranus Pluto Square (a long-term aspect) which represents drastic upheaval and changes, is the opportunity to welcome in, yet another, evolutionary leap in consciousness. Change and Transformation, within you.

Whether this shift  appears to be an adaptation to the upheaval within you (the shattering of your world as you know it) brought about through several years of consciousness change (December 2012) or whether this is experienced as a quantum leap into the Greater Cosmic You, is how this is playing out as your shift, through you. Also during thus New Moon Mars is opposite Uranus, this will instigate within you, rapid sudden changes. Be with what is happening “through” YOU, during this powerful time of transformation.

Either way, enjoying the ride of life (your intense transformation) your experience, is the way of acceptance, that no longer may be avoided. It is going through this, either way, you choose the HOW of your inner experience. The Mars Uranus Opposition, offers the powerful Courage and strength to help you to step into the Unknowable. Let us enjoy the adventure as the experience of Arrival in All moments. Not as a destination.

During this New beginning of a new 28 day cycle, during the New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) flow with the Natural Rhythms within you. Be in the Flow, within yourself.  All possibilities Exist ALREADY and no greater time, so to speak, to get access to this, than during the New Moon. Open up to the New You, through this New Moon.

This is the best time to start New things, projects, relationships. Begin something Fresh and exciting. Enter More deeply into the consciousness of YOU ~ where everything Arises out of.

This consciousness which is the Virtual Reality of you, is not the solid dense existence that you have imagined it to be. In the flowing consciousness of You, that exists already in the moment to moment awareness of yourself BEING ~ you may step into the greater acknowledgment of this, this fluid, flowing consciousness, through the letting go, within you, of your old way of being, the old paradigm, within.

Through Acceptance and Love (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is the entering into, your new way of Being, consciously.

And for many of you this has been the struggle of what seems to be back a forth and an in and out of different levels of Frequency and Consciousness. This is a process of stabilization.

In the letting go of the old, and the opening up to the new in each moment, celebrate Being alive, in the Full Embodiment of your True original Nature. Your Original Light.

As you embark on the New Levels of Awakening through your Ascension Process, within the Alchemy of You, during this New Moon, know that your Destiny of Being, as planned through your Original Soul Blueprint, is taking place through you.

There is no thing to be concerned about, to understand mentally. There is  a letting go of the old, a surrender, through the Loving and Accepting of the New, in all moments.

Enter deeply within you. this  New Moon, through your Heart.  Surrender to the Greater You, that has never known itself to be separated from anything, as you are present and accept, all moments.

Enter The eternal You, as the full embodiment, of all that you Are.

All that you have always been and always will be, and in this Do I hold You, Eternally. In the Great Eternal Glory, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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