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The Momentum Increases

L'Aura Pleiadian

As The Power of The Gamma Rays Continue and as the POWER of the ORIGINAL DNA Creation Activation from Mu Through The Priest Queen (Mother) in No TIME (550 Million Earth Years Ago) “Now Plays OUT” we have Unleashed throughout ALL time and THROUGHOUT ALL Dimensions NOW, the Reactivation of The Beginning.

As The Intense Waves of Light and Their AMPLIFICATION within Consciousness in ALL Moments INCREASE and as The “MOMENTUM” of The Alignment with the Pleiades “The Central Sun” Theย Galactic Solar Alignment of 2012 ~continues to increase.

We experience the UNLEASHING of THE Momentous Power and its inherent Transformation on All Consciousness Everywhere, of the Creative Force of CREATION ITSELF.

That LOOKS into the Mirror of Itself, Fully, Throughout All Dimensions, Once Again. The Revealing of Consciousness Knowing Itself as The Creator.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!




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