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Child Like Innocence ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Being Child Like is a State of Being, that is your innocence.

It is the Presence of the Divine You, that simply flows from moment to moment, in full Awareness of being in the moment.

Letting go of the pain, is the process of loving all those parts within yourself, that are not yet loved. The child like nature within you, then, comes out to play. More and More.

The return to the experience of this Original Innocent You, that is always present, is through the dissolving of the pain, that masked the true you, from your every day life.

This dissolving, takes place through your Heart.


YOU do not wait to feel love from someone else.

You Love Yourself.

YOU Love those painful parts, those sad parts, with a gentle kindness.

Without Judgment.

Without criticism.

Even those parts, you wish weren’t inside of you. Those things you wish you didn’t do. The pain you feel from that, You Love that.

Knowing everything that comes UP, is perfectly Orchestrated to bring things up for you, to BE LOVED.

Loving everything, loving yourself first, loving all that arises.

This is your freedom from the pain, from the heartache, from the sadness, from the anger. From Guilt. From regret. You Love. You simply Love and free Yourself.

THEN, your innocence, your true Pure Nature, your Divine Self, Shines forth, in all its Glory, and you Enter, the Magical Self world of Heaven on Earth.

Where you are Loved, you can Play, You can safely Be, the Innocent, Child Like You, in All MOMENTS. As the you, that is in Form.

child like


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The Universe Changes~Simply through Play



Enter the Mystical Magical realm of Pure Being,
enter the stillness, the silence, the Presence.

No escaping from an undesired reality,
only an Acceptance and an Embracing, of All That is.

That is the surrender, the letting go,
the freedom, the blowing in the wind.

Where here on Earth,
we are Only Passing Through.

This is the mastery of the Child within,
the Universe changes, simply through play.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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