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Full Moon in Libra, March 20th, 2019 ~ A New World

This Powerful Full Moon in Libra, March 20th, 2019, at 10:42 pm ADT, is a Beneficent Full Moon that continues to unfold the blessings, manifestations and miracles, from the energetic  frequency shifts and outpouring of the March 6th, 2019  New Moon.

The shifts that have taken place during this past week are profound.

Emerging and emanating through  higher dimensions and parallel worlds, consciously, we find ourselves, completely different, living in a new World/

Miracles, abundance, opportunities, dramatic shifts in life stories, are concretely being realized, as we now walk as Beings, united with our Divine Light and Presence.

The Full Moon energies will play out till the New Moon on April 5th, 2019.

Full Moon energies always amplify the subconscious impact, of the intense light activating any subconscious  memories. Emotions and thoughts, continue to observe and love, as this playing out, intensifies and increases in its momentum, through you.

Opportunities of love and abundance, miracles, life changes, are well under way and are being impacted as possibilities, as the energies and frequencies of the Higher Realms, continue to orchestrate, the energy impacts.

This Full Moon in Libra is quincunx Uranus, bringing unlimited energetic opportunities as your shifts in consciousness, continue to transform you and your experience of the World.

Other notable aspects are, Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter and Mars trine Pluto, that will help activate the intensified shifts taking place through you.

Blessings in love relationships, including new ones, increased passion, blessings, abundance and shifts in consciousness, are the limitless aspects of you, being activated now, for you.

The focus now on Being the adjusted and integrated Higher God Self You aspect, finding yourself in a new timeline, existing in a new world and maneuvering through a state of being that is eternal.

You are able to exist through this, functioning in full awareness of being present, living in the now, being blessed in the now, only knowing yourself as the Divine Eternal Being that you are.

Glorified, loved, abundant, blessed, limitless, beatific, all now.

This is you, there are no limitations, through you,

We bless you now and are present with you as you continue to shift, incorporate and integrate, the new you in a New World. One that is abundant, magical. mystical and profoundly divine and eternal.

This is the magnification of Source God Light frequencies, adjusting your heart and the frequencies, awakening all of you, here and now, In love with the Divine Council of Overseers, eternally.



Happy April Fools Day ~ Being the Fool ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The first recorded association with April Fools Day was back in 1392 in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. There are long-standing associations with many countries. The United Kingdom, India, Romania, Poland and more.

For many this was a time of Jokes and story telling. For some a time of practical jokes.

Looking deeper into our own association with the energy of the “Fool” reveals a deeper more meaningful meaning. A subconscious meaning, often depicted through the major arcana in the Tarot, The Fools Card.

Taking on a Lighter, happier level of consciousness, is the aspect of Being Limitless.

The Fools Journey is the beginning of a journey which knows no limitation.

Unlimited potential.

This represents the ability to flow through life, the Unknown and Unknowable. 

This is the freedom journey, of unlimited potential.

The Holy Grail of Freedom. 

Carrying no baggage (free from limitation) and walking in bliss, whether the next step is off the cliff, or deep into a magical life.

The result is of no consequence.


Because it is THE ~ Zero Point Field (Fool card is 0 also) of the Journey BEING the ultimate.

It is NOW.

The journey is NOW.

The Fool knows this, and the world, perhaps looks upon those that journey this way as a fool.

Because it is NOT the way of the world, of mass consciousness.

It is the directionless path of Love.

Of not KNOWING where this will lead. YET it is the PATH that is the Freedom, that is what LIVING has always been for, the journey, that path.

The Path of Freedom.

The Path of Love.

The Path of Joy.

The Path of Now.

The Only true eternal path.

Enter today Lightly, letting go of all that you feel you need to know.

Enter the Freedom of the Now moment.

Enter Love.

And Be the Fool for yourself first, then for a World, that longs once again, to be the Fool. The Beginner. The Beginning that never ends.

The Spirit and Soul ~ that only lives  to Experience itself.

This is it. The way, the Path of the Ascended Beings and Masters.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It Knows nothing and is happy with that.

It journeys were the SOUL leads.

The endless journey to where there is NO destination.

The Path of Being the One that experiences.

And in this Glorious Space of Being and Love I hold you and I am Alway with You.


Fool Card

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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