Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, May 5th 2023 ~ Subconscious Becoming Conscious πŸ’–πŸ’–

The energies with Uranus with this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse continue to potentially cause disruption, crises and power struggles extending from the April 20th, 2023 Solar eclipse.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is on Friday May 5th, 2023 at 2:34 pm ADT.

The subconscious is deeply impacted during The Sun opposite Moon (Full Moon) bringing up emotions often connected to the home, family, relationships and intimate relationships. Often revealing the discrepancies between what is and what is subconsciously. Work versus home as an example.

With the added energies of Uranus (electrical energy) opposite The Full Moon and with the Lunar Eclipse, we have a powerful mix of intense frequencies, potentially about to cause dramatic shifts in energy and awareness ~ quickly and suddenly.

These changes and shifts will be in consciousness and potentially externally also as a result of inner conflicts, resolved, or not resolved within you. All of what takes place at the global scale and within you, are for the evolving of humanity ~ ultimately.

When you are feeling this intensity coming up, recognize your subconscious and go deeper within to understand any conflict within. The greater the harmony, the greater the transformation. The greater tier subconscious becomes conscious.

Resting more in harmony within your heart is the transcending power everyone has access to. This transcending power of ultimate Divine Union becomes complete as the subconscious becomes conscious.

Know yourself, deep within. The ancients lived like this, you also can begin to if this is not your way of life right now.

Know what drives your fears, the thoughts you have that no longer support your faith and trust in your Divine Eternal God Self. This is the reason you are here. To live in harmony within oneself, to transcend all fear and old patterns, To be One with All That you Are in the Now while in form eternally.

In love, we activate all of this now with you and your eternal frequency, your Divine imprint, Your Divine life plan for this incarnation and with your eternal origins and full memory. All now.

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