Engulfed Within The Temple of Heavenly Golden Light πŸ’–πŸ’–

Initiations, Beloved Ones flow through you now as this epic gateway deeply opens to you from the Central Sun. The exaltation of Golden Divine Light itself welcomes you now and opens your heart wide, just as a flower also blooms and opens to the magnificent rays of the golden sun.

As the frequency levels you have known yourself to be, begin to increase within you, take a few slow deep breaths and feel this powerful expansion and exaltation open your awareness to worlds previously unaware.

Walking down the golden steps within this temple now; as if transported to what was a once hidden chamber ~ you stand under the shower of Light that flows as all rays of Light beyond this world bathe all levels of your consciousness and heart.

As you step out of this glorious shower of sacred light, you breathe in all the joy and bliss that you have never felt so deeply before. You pause and breathe, slowly and deeply now.

Before you now you see your Divine Higher Self, the one you that is immersed in the frequencies of All That is. That is; all that encompasses this Universe, not separate from anything.

You see yourself as the Golden light body you and breathe now more deeply into the this bliss of union.

Let us stay with this breathing and as you continue gazing at this magnificent you as light, in this heavenly temple, you step into the you that is the Golden glorious Light and stay there. Stay there, feel this.

As you continue to stay in this expanded and glorified awareness, you more deeper and deeper into the initiations of the Golden Central Sun, flowing to you now.

In This Golden Heavenly Temple, with The Divine Council of Overseers, with many other Light Beings including the Queen of Light, we bless you now, on all levels of your being, in all worlds throughout this Universe.

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