Full Moon June 14th, 2022 ~ The VICTORY of YOU πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

With Mercury Retrograde loosening its grip on the flow of things externally, we now are faced with the powerful opportunity for profound transformation and reaching levels of victory unbeknownst ever before.

This great opportunity is the this powerful Full Moon on Tuesday June 14th at 8:51 am ADT.

So take a few slow breaths and breathe in these opportunities through your heart.

Relax your thoughts and emotional body now and trust the STARS as they set before you your Blueprint for this activation. As when you incarnated the many versions of YOU in parallel worlds, watched closely as YOU unfolded.

Full Moon square Neptune, Saturn semisextile Neptune, Full Moon sextile Saturn are the main aspects. NOW PLEASE remember that it is about how everything RESPONDS to YOU And your current frequency, and the awareness of your consciousness ~ that is; WHAT you know yourself to BE.

So we have all these circulating frequencies, we have your Blueprint/Life Plan, your current frequency, which is the combination of your thoughts, emotions and actions, and the interaction of all of them, uniquely in your life.

Your experience will be your own experience.

The impact and how you respond positively will create your VICTORY through it. Through everything, not just this Full Moon.

So I implore you to awaken to the unshakable truth of what you are. That is; an eternal Being of Light, that knows only love. That is on the journey of Ascension; transcending all limitations and old ways of being that no longer serve you. So that, living only through your heart you are being ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

So we bless you now in this Moment. Holding you in the Highest of the Highest. In pure Love.

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