Your MORPHING Capabilities And Your ELECTROMAGNETIC FieldπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Hello Beloved Ones, we once again and continuously are present here with you.

The vibration of the nodal point of your physical form is a slowed down frequency so as to appear through your senses as a solid body.

It is not. Your body is made of photons. Photons are much more than light, they appear even in a sealed vacuum.

Existing through the coherent state of your heart allows the non separation state to thrive through you, your cells, your DNA and your form.

The heart and its electromagnetic field is the most powerful potential activator and frequency of the human body. It is accessed through the coherent state; that is harmony in all bodies.

Everything that one perceives is real to them. When one lives in incoherency the potentials of the heart are not accessed. Anything that the observer cannot perceive does not even EXIST to them. It is out of their range of frequency consciousness.

No relationship whether romantic or otherwise can survive in a state of incoherency. Including the relationship to the Sun, the Galaxy and the Universe.

Through the heart, coherent, harmonious waves DO have sustainable wavelengths.

Likewise, anyone in a state of incoherency is disconnected with the coherent CONNECTED and thriving Universe, and with ones ETERNAL SELF.

The Heart KNOWS through its moment to moment consciousness (in no time and without trying to attain) the perfect words and actions, ONLY through each moment.

Resistant to the heart and its moment to moment direction and ignoring it (as most do) perpetuates the state of incoherency in the cells, DNA and in all bodies.

Your HEART is the most powerful ELECTROMAGNETIC field in your body.

It is ONLY through the Heart and following and living through the moment to moment guidance (listening to the quiet voice) that you ENTER into coherency, which in turn allows you TO SEE THROUGH YOUR HEART. Exist only through your heart; coherency and harmony.

When you finally live through the heart, see through the heart, follow your heart, YOUR DNA responds immediately and every cell in your body becomes coherent.


This IN TURN, THEN opens the floodgates TO THE complete MORPHING of your form.

You become your heart.

You become coherency.

You become harmony.

You see and know all that was not known to you before.

You stop listening to the mind and its attainment goals.

YOU live moment to Moment.

You create harmonious relationships to all things that are harmonious.

YOU thrive.


You become literally ALL THAT IS.

You become Heaven on Earth.

Your form Morphs profoundly matching (as a mirror) that you eternally.

YOU let go of all concepts of time.

You are the God self once again one with the COSMIC ETERNAL YOU.

You no longer react through karma.

You thrive in pure love and innocence.

You see worlds upon worlds through your heart in ALL MOMENTS.

You have transcended all perceptions of the non connected; incoherent self.

YOU HAVE become your COSMIC GOD SELF, the ascended master you.

We activate you through this monumental MORPHING, ALCHEMICAL process. We are with YOU, in all moments! Through infinite pure love.

Thank YOU to all that have donated!Any donations are GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU AND I BLESS YOU!

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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian, The New Divine Humanity 2012-2022.

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