BEING In HEAVEN πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

We are here present on Earth and letting you know, (the one represented through having form) Being in Heaven is a state of BEING. YOU through having a form (a vehicle) on Earth are attaining the Union of this state of Heaven, through your incarnation process.

Many call this Ascension.

This is your Heaven on Earth.

We love seeing this as your full union merged with the Cosmic Divine YOU, (Cosmic God Self) that exists eternally through all dimensions and worlds.

Before arriving in this your current incarnation, a life plan was set up for you, a design, that you agreed upon. This agreement is fully understood before arriving through your human birth experience.

Each incarnation of different forms of you; every aspect of YOU (your Soul) continuously and simultaneously exists now.

This includes all parallel world versions of you which also includes different species of you other than the human form, incarnation process.

With The Elohim ~ The Creator Gods; we The Divine Council of Overseers, created this Earth world, to be the process of your merging and Becoming in this dimension THE Cosmic God You.

The term ascension (which is a completion) marks your full integration of all versions of YOU and the eternal Link fully consciously actualized, through all levels and dimensions ~ ETERNALLY.

With this full Union one attains while in form, an Ascended Master (mortal language) and Ascends into what humans call The New Earth.

This is an Earth version similar to Mu, The first civilization in the 5th dimension.

This experience comes full circle into A BEGINNING Again.

This New Earth Civilization is birthed into being, through the Ascended Beings who now have become consciously The Gods themselves, masters of form. Builders of form.

The idea of a goal of this of course is not how it is.

The full remembering of you as spirit eternally, is the activation source; which takes place through the heart, which is automatically synchronized in YOUR DNA.

This signals your readiness and conscious awareness of your subconscious being conscious and your FULL HEART re ~ member ~ ing, and actualization of all that you ARE eternally.

This in its purest state is pure Love. Pure bliss, Pure heaven while on Earth. This statement of being is the merging of the Above with the below, the within as without. As stated in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

As being with the Elohim and its creation we KNOW that the Emerald Tablets emerged from MU. As the way of Being for the new incarnations was stated clearly ~ that is; how Earth works.

For now in your expansion and this accelerated DNA TRANSFORMATION, through this death and rebirth process INTO THIS, we cannot state enough, this is your HEART PROCESS.

Focus deeply on feeling all that you are, beyond Earth. Let go of the form as being you. Let go of time and enter your HEART to know the eternal you.

This very process links you in an eternal bridge of Divine Cosmic Love, with all that you are.

We have created a bridge for You also, to link to this even now.

This reached to the Heavens (although there is no distance) into the higher realms, levels and dimensions, to ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Feel the Golden Light pour into your hearts, stay present here long after these words end.

Know that we are with you. With The Elohim, The Queen of Light, Sanut Kumara and many more, even beyond this Universe. All Now, in love, activating your THROUGH THIS.

Thank YOU to all that have donated!Any donations are GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU AND I BLESS YOU!

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