The Mystical In Between ~ Other Worlds And Now πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Beloved Ones as you pass through this world as the Divine Eternal Being that you are, know that it is the power of your Soul that flows you through. The In Between Worlds are very real as the constant connection with your SOUL and you NOW.

This is your essence and your eternal presence, which is the most powerful force that exists. It is the flow of creation and the sacredness of divinity.

It is of supreme significance that the Embodiment of the tangible and Eternal Self merge completely as your expanded cosmic consciousness; light awareness, flows moment to moment now.

You may feel this in your heart now as the acknowledgment of this otherworld self that you are, the non tangible LIMITLESS you. This energy and powerful DIVINE LIGHT is the real you.

This powerful force of you has existed through many lifetimes and flows now throughout all parallel words and dimensions, interacting and connecting all incarnations and aspects of YOU in all moments.

This is a VAST memory storage which is held in your original Blueprint and constantly being uploaded, and downloaded with all new information and experiences of you. You may imagine it as a cosmic computer.

Again the key interaction through you is the development of your DIVINE AWARENESS of you, through your heart, linking your awareness with this eternal flow that exists now.

This exists in no time and it is through NO TIME and the flowing THROUGH and the awareness of it that you build your Heaven on Earth; the New Earth. Your Ascension.

Your eternal Divine consciousness as light and pure love, merged with your tangible form, transforms it and your awareness into being your fulfilled mastery which spontaneously welcomes you to your Ascension, New Earth experience.

So with this feel these words, this energy. As the transmission is for activating greater expansion of the awareness of this.

So that you know the only YOU is the one flowing through this Earth experience. As you fully walk on Earth as the eternal Divine Self.

The GLORY and Splendor awaits your awareness of IT as your sacred Divine Marriage anoints you through it. This now is the mystical Union for YOU.

We are with you as always, The Sacred Elohim, The Divine Council of Overseers and so many more eternal sacred Beings. Celebrating your full Union, Your Light, Your Love, your Eternal Self now.

Thank YOU to all that have donated!Any donations are GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU AND I BLESS YOU!

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