Anchoring Your Perception As The DIVINE Eternal You Now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Breathe slowly and deeply now, as your Perception of your idea of self is changing.

Even now as you read, the brilliant eternal Light of The Central Sun, shines its eternal light on all that you ARE. Feel the warmth of this eternal GOLDEN light NOW.

As you read, continue to be aware of the Breathing in and out this sacred Golden Light.

We are present with you through this self awareness expansion. It is through the observing of the light that shines upon your own consciousness, that your subconscious mind follows suit and receives the clear directives of expansion.

Breathing in and out of your heart now; sensing the Golden Light expand through each breath within and around your heart, allow your perceptions of your sense of feeling, expand to a sense of no end of you, through this Divine Golden light.

This no end of YOU, is the space that you exist throughout.

It is in this space, through your Heart expansion, that the eternal YOU as Light, exists eternally throughout as connected to and through all dimensions.

The nodal points as your self connection, energetically appear as slowed down frequencies, making their energetic imprint into form.

All of this exists in NO TIME.

The expansion and your awareness through your Heart, and the PERCEIVING OF YOURSELF throughout this; no ending light expansion, is your DIRECT CONTACT point, that now shifts forever your subconscious mind, to accept, this eternal YOU as your new anchor of awareness.

All of your perceptions now link you subconsciously to this eternal you in no time.

Before you incarnated you knew and were shown this.

This is the 5th Dimension and includes ALL dimensions!

Only Now, is the perfect moment for even greater awareness and expansion of perceptions into this.

This is not an ending point, this continues forever.

So now, stay with this expansion.

Feel your heart again and breathe through this Golden eternal light, in no time.

Feel there is no end to the expansion.

As there is no limit or end. This is eternity. This is here and now.

This is Divine Love and we breathe with you.

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