New Moon March 2, 2022 ~ Spiritual Transcendence ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The New Beginning; Sun conjunct Moon, is the most powerful conjunction there is for a reset, or for starting something new. Also most auspicious this new beginning helps with setting new intentions and for intending a more powerful new focus within.

This New Moon is on Wednesday March 2, 2022 at 1:34 pm AST. There are several powerful influences. As I have always mentioned, the star alignments are in specific connection to your very own unique Blueprint, frequency you are functioning through on Planet Earth. So this is ALL specific to you, how you experience this unfolding of new frequencies as they interact with you now.

As an example; someone who has a powerful auspicious Jupiter, interacting with this also powerful Jupiter, along with and in consideration with their unique transits and or phase in their life, may bring dramatic blessings. Also; someone with a not so auspicious Jupiter may bring more of the desire of the blessings along with the awareness of the unique block of access of the gifts, through these frequencies.

I cannot emphasize how unique this is. Each person will each have a unique experience through this. Some influences through the Blueprint may be past lives and also what YOUR incarnation; life plan, was to be about in this lifetime. Which you completely understood and agreed to before arriving.

We have this New Moon in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter. This will give the opportunity for SPIRITUAL growth. This may include expansion of consciousness, heart awareness, happiness, joy and greater abundance. This also may mean for some greed and an amplification for some of excess on all levels. So all of this all the stars in the sky are unique to your stars in the sky that were present at the moment of your birth. This interaction is on going and continues to the moment of your last breath on Earth.

This New Moon sextile Uranus emphasizes the frequency of uniqueness, sudden changes and surprises. This does not mean everyone will experience this. IT does represent going more into the frequencies of new beginnings related to your own uniqueness may very well be supported. OR literally you may experience any variation of the sudden changes, within you. Either way stay open to unique changes. Sudden transformations. Sudden expansions of consciousness.

There are some powerful conjunctions going on. Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus conjunct Mars, Venus Conjunct Pluto, Mars conjunct Pluto, which may add seriousness and intensity to the New Moon. Again, it would be unique to you specifically HOW you experience what you do experience.

One thing for sure no matter what comes up to enter your Heart more often for that greater freedom from pain and suffering.

Let go of your old beliefs now.

Let go of your old ways of thinking.

Now is now and everything has changed on Earth. Going with the flow and being more present in the now through your Heart, will always take you more consciously to your own ideal life of love and happiness.

When all is transcended there is nothing left but trust and joy no matter what is taking place on Earth or in one’s Life.

The path to transcendence is one of complete mystical Union with the eternal self.

Through all of this and through the current Blueprint of this incarnation, the access to the heart fully is always available and present now.

Let go and be present, with your breath even now as you finish reading this.

I bless you now, present with The Divine Council of Overseers, always.

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