The QUANTUM Leap from The 4th Dimension into The 5th Dimension ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Your body plus time lands your awareness deeply into the 4th Dimension of time and space.

This 4th dimension consists of you as a body doing something consciously in relationship to time. You plan this and that in time, that is the 4th dimension and if you consciously haven’t switched over to the timeless 5th Dimension yet, it simply means you are still existing consciously through a belief in time. As if ~ time is everything. And is if the current body that you have, is all there is of you.

The 4th Dimension although appears true through the eyes of mind and the body it really is not. The moment a form crosses over THEY CONTINUE TO EXIST. To someone who has crossed over right away for most, they have simply just continued on with life in a different way. Consisting of many AHA moments, of what they didn’t see and now do.

I know I communicate with Beings everywhere and that has included those that cross over, including animals, they TOO continue on.

In other words the world of time in the 4th dimension, is NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS.

It MAY APPEAR temporary, and the idea of time, as in living in that reality does have any expiry date. But YOU do not.

There is a way beyond the 4th Dimension. Where you still exist and always exist just NOT based in time.

This beyond state is the 5th Dimension and IT EXISTS NOW. This is no joke.

This so called reaching the timeless state is the process of evolution to YOUR ORIGINAL STATE of Being.

Some PEOPLE attempt to access this temporarily in time through meditation. YET the 5th dimension was never meant to be a practice based in time AT ALL.

These temporary glimpses serve as an interfacing frequency in which you jump and land; through your heart expansion into being your Eternal Divine State in the here and now.

IT IS A REALITY that already exists NOT in time it is the 5th dimension.

Your transformation is deeply embedded in the crystalline Golden Light Frequencies held within your cellular DNA. Ready to be awakened in PARALLEL To THE coalescence OF your FULL HEART AWAKENING and expansion, as BEING Your Cosmic Eternal Divine Self.

This 5th Dimension exists In which you no longer have to cross over to experience and know it and live through it.

When you permanently live THROUGH your HEART expanded state, you only will know yourself as this eternal Being that you are already.

Your ascension process in time ~ has compelled you to leave behind your concepts of time and BEGIN to LIVE THROUGH YOUR HEART! So now enter the leap by shifting your focus away from time.

Expand your heart, breathe this in, feel our Presence, as we are timeless and connect to you through your heart now, throughout all dimensions!

We are here present with many Beings, throughout this Universe and feeling right now YOU and your frequency response to this.

So open wide your heart. Be aware of being aware.

The You that you once thought you were will die only in its awareness of itself.

The YOU eternally, is the true you eternally.

We activate all this desiring to expand and live more through their heart now.

Leaving behind all concepts and beliefs through time.

Being free to Truly Be your Cosmic God Self now! In Divine Love, always!

Thank YOU to all that have donated!Any donations are GREATLY appreciated, THANK YOU AND I BLESS YOU!

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