HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Year of MIRACLES 2022 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy New Year everyone! I am writing this on the eve of the New Year 2022 (EARTH CALENDAR) and the shift from what was (in so called time) to what is now is beyond phenomenal. We have all experienced many things in 2021 and for NOW, being thankful for all the blessings, all the lessons, all the small and large inner awakenings! In this I bless all of YOU as your PROFOUND AWAKENING CONTINUES in this The Earth experience 2022.

This is the year of Miracles! The New Moon on Sunday January 2nd, 2022 is in Capricorn, is at 2:33 pm AST. Venus is still Retrograde till the end of January. And for NOW, making your New Year wishes, holding close in your heart, the true awakened YOU that is eternal is more than enough to bring about profound inner, therefore outer change.

This New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) also makes one beautiful aspect, a trine to Uranus.

This is SIMPLE and yet PROFOUND Change. In the most positive, beautiful and helpful way for you!

Beginning this Earth Calendar Year 2022 ~ we are BLESSED. Despite how things may look. And the changes ahead are of the New Earth experiences revealing themselves more and more.

As the Pole Shift (shift in the magnetic frequencies) shift all around us. KNOW that in the moment, through your heart, you are prepared. TO ascend, to evolve, to be the ONE you already are.

You are a Divine Being and through your Heart awareness you access that. And through your awareness of that, as it increases in your awareness, you MANIFEST this more and more. As ALL THAT YOU ALREADY ARE NOW.

SO IN THIS great excitement, love and blessings, with The Divine Council of Overseers, The Queen of Light, Sanut Kumara and Azoora from The Pleiades, we bless YOU EVERMORE, NOW.

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